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PENNY STOCKS EXPLODE – RICH TV LIVE – December 19, 2018 – Today i talk about the hottest penny stocks that have caught fire check out the video if you like it smash the like button and comment down below.

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Ramy Osman says:

Dude thanks for the heads up on PJET made some money today you're awesome keep up the good work

Dave Wins says:

I bought 130K BLPG during this live stream ?

jolanda anderson says:

and again pore and agraflora

jolanda anderson says:

emblem corp? emc what you think

Team Epic says:

Your Rich TV cut was dope…

Liuv Suarez says:

Great video man. Missed on this opportunity but I’m watching like a Owl so this is minimized.

mitul1979 says:

Any research about grow.v

John Smith says:

You really plugged namaste and they are in a free fall. Be very careful looks like they kay get de listed if they keep free falling.

Infinite Possibilities says:

Can you do a video of Canadian penny stocks

Trade King says:


omar moate says:

How do I join your WhatsApp group

omar moate says:

Your a Fucking beast Rich thanks for PJET

stretchingrack1 says:

Watching MCOA, part of the Farm Bill is Hemp being legalized nationally in America, hopefully Trump will sign it afterhours, and MCOA will buy up some of their own shares afterhours, then when the market opens it will open higher, anyway watching it in anticipation. Good luck to everyone.

Brennan To says:

rich you said you are holding PJET till .01?

jake hawkins says:

Exactly! Made a rookie mistake and held the down ride. Down 40% today. Hope ubmcf goes back up!

Diane Ricci says:

Is this live?

jake hawkins says:

Where do you think UBMCF is going?

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