Penny Stocks For Beginners – FREE Penny Stock Lessons!

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Close You need to start with Penny Stocks for Beginners if you are new to trading penny stocks. This is a video with 8 FREE penny stock lessons from a penny stock trader who has made $600,000 this year trading penny stocks. Be sure to check out the other videos and lessons from Tim Sykes. Study hard and you may be his next penny stock millionaire.

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Cuffy Bannaz says:

Watch a few of ur videos in the pass learning purposes and I'm ready to start part time please please send me some info korderson@yahoo thank u

Hans Zamora says:

I found the perfect stocks that's gonna make me a millionaire. Sir, this is my first year in stocks and I really understand the concept of basics and all that. I am just short in money and since you have over millions. Could you pleasee, please, gift me $2000? I know for a fact I can turn it into multi millions. I just lack the money part. Wish I could have more to invest which is little that I have since I have financial difficulty… we are all in this together just some are more fortunate…

DjKnowledge says:

Do you have a strategy for bitcoin? I only bought 8k worth in 2012 and held on until it went back up over thousand. I wish I would've bought more. I was thinking was there a way to make a profit quickly from buying bitcoin and trading daily.

John Fontanez says:

How do I get the DVD? I'm broke I'm not ganna lie but I've been really interested in trading for quite some time now but I want to be as educated as I can before I even try this out

NOTAnGryWhelp says:

Hey guys whats your opinion on acbff i bought at 1.70

devin weber says:

Hello I have another question i am looking at this stock called ktos this stock is at 7.31 and the graph for the past 5 days shows that Friday and the ending of Wednesday both had resistances points I'm not sure if this is a sighn that it might make a jump soon but if some would respond to this and tell me if this is just random stops in the stocks market or if they are actually resistance points and that's it about to jump up high.

devin weber says:

Hello I am a huge fan of investing. I have been investing for the last year and over all I have made just over a thousand dollars. This has been in stocks that I know well and have had large confidence in. I have been trying to learn all I can in new techniques to buy stocks but I am so confused in how you and everyone else are finding these stocks to begin with. If someone would please respond to this and tell me where everyone is finding all their stocks to watch



ryan pagoria says:

please reply on here, i would appreciate it

Jaxx monster says:

great info as always, thanks Tim.

maxmad30 says:

Keep up the good work Tim

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