Penny Stocks for Beginners (Super Easy)

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If you are a beginner at trading penny stocks then you have arrived to a right place. We make trading penny stocks super easy and fun.

This week we have a perfect video to show you of our Trade #9 with easy 27% Profit

For many more trades please visit us:


E-mail me at


TheWealth1000 says:

Please contact our support team.

joemrp05 says:

and now $250k

TheWealth1000 says:

You can contact us at the info @ silentinvestments . com for further details.

David Herring says:

I am trying to get set up and start following your alerts. I will be doing most of my monitoring and trading from my iPhone 5 since my job has me traveling days and away from my puter. Any suggestions on the best trading app for this?

rhion5 says:

500 k Or 500$ ? just wondering .

TheWealth1000 says:

End of September.

David Herring says:

When will your new web page be up?

TheWealth1000 says:

You can contact our customer support for further details. Thank you

sean scahill says:

hi im 14 and ive been playing a stock market game sice 7th grade. ive made 500,00 dollars but im looking a nice penny stock platform to trade off of. im kinda new but i have small expireces from the game

TheWealth1000 says:

Check with your local bank if they provide same service if not you can go with tradeking, etrader…

AVRONnarayan says:

I would like to know a platform! thanks

TheWealth1000 says:

Are you looking for trading platform or alert service?

jimmy sandhu says:

who is a good company to trade penny stocks within the uk

TheWealth1000 says:

You can e-mail us any time.

vandell aljarrah says:

Mashalla. Great work sir. I very much would like to join your community and learn from knowledgeable individuals. Thank you.

Dustin H says:

Wow if these guys would of left it in for a month or 2 they would of been instant millionaires!

TheWealth1000 says:

Don't hesitate to contact us at Info @ Silentinvestments

TheWealth1000 says:

For any sort of technical questions you can contact us

Blake Edmund Greenway says:

Meaning it will only close when the buy rate hits the stop ? I'm new to this

Blake Edmund Greenway says:

If you set a profit stop on a sell position at say 14.600 and your position hits 14.600 should this close ?

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