Penny Stocks for Dummies [How to Trade for Beginners]

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Penny Stocks for Dummies: How to Trade for Beginners

My publisher sent me a box of my brand new book, and I unpack it on camera.

This is the revised edition of my International bestseller, Penny Stocks for Dummies.

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I’ll tell you about all the upgrades we made with this version of Penny Stocks for Dummies, and answer some of the questions you guys have had about the original, and how each of my books is different. They have asked, if you’re only going to buy one, which one is best?

Also, I need to ask you for help, which I do closer to the end of this video.

Penny Stocks for Dummies is the world’s most popular book about penny stocks, and as I’ve always said it is the book I wished I had read when I got started when I was 14 years old.

It would have saved me thousands and helped me make thousands more. Anyone can read this book and quickly learn what it took me decades to discover. So, I’m going to unbox this now, and show you guys what to expect.

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Many of you have been wondering what’s the difference between your books, which one should you read? Or you’ve commented that you already own Penny Stocks for Dummies, should you bother going out and buying the new one? Well, I actually have an answer to that question, and here’s a 9 second run-down.

My publisher, John Wiley & Sons, first contacted me after a speech at the Orlando Money Show. They wanted me to write a book about penny stocks for them.

First was Invest in Penny Stocks, it’s a hardcover, and cost a bit more than the others ($49). The coolest aspect of this book are the Experience Level ratings, where each section is rated from 1 to 5. Those rated 1 or 2 are best for beginners, while sections ranked 5 get into the most complex topics. So anyone can quickly adjust the parts they read to their level of knowledge.

Then there’s Penny Stocks for Dummies, and I’m sure that you are very familiar with the ‘for Dummies’ series. The publisher, John Wiley & Sons, is a multi-billion dollar corporation, with offices in hundreds of countries. They have 10 corporate offices in the US alone, and operate in every continent and just about every corner of the globe.

Stay with me here, there is a reason I am telling you this. Wiley is the largest publisher of business books in the world, and of all their operations, the Dummies series is their baby, probably the most purchased and recognizable brand the have. The vetting process to select the author they trust for each dummies book is pretty serious, so it was an honor to be selected, and they have been great to work with.

I really wanted to do right by them, and to you as the reader. I poured all the knowledge you would need to become great at penny stocks into this book.

Of course, everything can get even better, and that is what we’ve done with the revised edition of Penny Stocks for Dummies. We clarified and re-wrote several sections, so that they were even more easily understood.

Then, we added a new chapter and several brand new sections. I really wanted to talk about investor stampedes and stock market manias, like the Dot Com craze, or marijuana penny stocks, or Bitcoin companies. Penny Stocks for Dummies focuses on how to spot an investor mania, how to profit from it, and why the next craze is already on the way.

This version has all the great content which the original had, only now there’s lots more, and the pre-existing content has been refined.

So, if you only read one book on penny stocks, then the revised edition of Penny Stocks for Dummies is a must. If you already have the original version, should you buy the new one? Of course that’s you own judgement call, but I would say yes, since the small $23 investment will pay for itself many times over.

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suga gal says:

I've brought this book for my 13 year old son lets see how it goes.

Jon West says:

Hey, any chance you get round to doing a video about your reasons for getting into the stock market? 14 is quite young, I am not too sure I knew what the stock market was at that age, all I knew was a boring lady on breakfast news having a segment of reading out what the FTSE indexes were doing and telling us how we should all worry lol.

Chris Feely says:

Hey Peter, think i got the book from amazon before you{4/25/16} read it twice already. Still learning new things everyday! Will be a subscriber to Leeds Analysis very soon. Just started paper trading when time permits (work 10+hrs a day at aerospace company). Just wanted to say the book is very well written and easy to understand. Also, wanted to thank you and your team for giving us the tools and knowledge to succeed in the stock market. Saw the apology video, you have absolutly nothing to apologize for. Your health is priority #1(besides we need you to be healthy so you can tell us what to do, HA!) Look foward to learning all I can, Thanks to you and your team

Ron Johnson says:

What are the chances if I was to buy 30000 share at 0.23 and the stock
went up 1.75. How likely will my sell order for 30K be approved?? What
about even selling at Market? Is there a chance it wont execute. Thanks

Darrell Stone says:

Thank you very much Peter. With regards to places to visit in UK. London is a no Brainer! I live in a town called HItchin which is 30 miles north of London. Hitchin is in the county of Hertfordshire and is very picturesque. You should come over and do a talk here!

Darrell Stone says:

Hey Peter. Im Darrell from the UK. I just received a copy of PSFD the original verision. I was never aware you had a newer version. I feel a bit cheated by amazon. Any chance you could send me a copy of your latest book? P.s loving the info in this book already, just dont want to miss out on anything.

Sum Yum says:

Second One?

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