Penny Stocks in Tamil | Share market Tips

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In this video i have shared my knowledge about penny stocks.



Amtekoto തുട്ടു പോയി സർ

Victor.M. Francis says:

Thank you sir for your valuable information

meenakshi aanmigam says:

thank u so muchsir

Repathi Kishore says:

Much needed experience sharing. Very very useful. I started realizing my level of learnings Vs my foolishness. Thanks muthu

Top 10 facts says:

Bro rcom share price 3.50 vanguna wortha…

Siva Prakash says:

True bro. I bought 20 penny stocks for around 2L value 3 years before and still holding it. Unable to sell. All are gone near and below 1. Greed made me fool. I realized.

Raj kumar says:

Penny Stocks Delivery pannalama

Tamil online real entertainment says:

Bro jp power price 1.55 rupees intraday pannalama…..

Rajan Valar says:

Hi dear mr.muthukumar pl send your contact number.

X Domond says:

Thanks brother.. you changed my mind .

Ganesa Moorthi says:

Bro i bought UVSL FOR Rs 0.35 around 1L shares. I targeted .05 paise profit. But now went upto .15 paise.not able to sell. No buyers.. So please guys dont buy penny stocks…

Rajan Rajan says:

50 to 100 ரூபாய்க்குள் உள்ள stocks வாங்கலாமா?

Rajan Rajan says:

Very very usefull

Thushan Mahendran says:

🙏 thanks

Thiyagu says:

Thanks sir for the info

palraj antonysamy says:

Very nice sir. I have one doubt. When jhunjuwala bought the titan share it was penny stock of rs3. How he identified titan grow in future. What are the method and techniques he used. Please explain sir.

Karthikeyan Selvaraj says:

மிக மிக சரி…..

sethu s says:

Long-term. Tips சொல்லுங்க .. நன்றி..

Venkatesh P says:

Rcom in below Rs.20. Is penny stock?

Ahamed Rimashkhan says:

Make a video how to pickup correct penny stock it's good or bad for long term

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