Penny Stocks Millionaire Buys New Ferrari 458 Italias in Cash!!

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● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● – Timothy Sykes Buys New Ferrari with his penny stock trading profits
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ROWBOAT 1001 says:

With all that money, shouldn't he accommodate a better camera for his videos?

Ralph Quizon says:

Rafael marcus ikr

Rafael Marcus says:

I'm sorry but I hate ur parents opinions😑"so much better that lambo"

Jesse Martinez says:

should have been cheaper you paid it cash.

Its Skullss says:

I love seeing people pay cash and actually seeing the cash is just so cool.

Adam Showalter says:

should have got a lambo "if you want to be a somebody you get a Ferrari if are a somebody get a Lamborghini"

John Bergeron says:

did he seriously pay 300 for a 458?

SR Real says:

Tbh that ferrari looked like a basic bitch. It's almost typical if not already. It's either Ferrari or a Lambo and it's getting boring. These guys don't put that much research into other exotic fast cars.

Reese Horton says:

Yeah it must be so hard to look at all those beautiful cars that you could just buy and most people in their lifetime won't even be able see these cars in front of their face

Evan Hart says:

Sweet! =)

Cam Coder says:

Just like in a movie ! It's not a fun car as you people think, don't scrape pavement to much on that low profile Ferrari.

jon bones says:


divinenutrition says:

Is he going to jail soon?

Mr Belfort says:

This car costs alot more $$$ in Australia!!

Penny Stocker says:

Did you pay for the Ferrari with penny stock trading profits?

ram k says:

Very nice video

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