Penny stocks – The anatomy of a pump and dump

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Close – The classic chart of a pump and dump in the penny stock world. Watch and learn to identify this chart, you will save thousands!


John McCabe says:

good sense and funny too

Gjergj Camaj says:

Ha, made me laugh :D

Wheelchair Outdoors says:

very nice vid thanks

Ibi Onyemaechi Amuro says:

Best video ever seen on penny stocks. Laughed my arse off. Cheers, mate. 

Ultrakillerism says:

What trading platforms do you use to trade penny stocks? From what I know, the big ones like eToro or AVAFX will not allow anything under $5-6 to be traded, so can someone guide me please to a good penny stock trading platform, where brokers will not say that "there were no transactions"?

forthesakeofmotion says:

Saffa whose spent a lot of time in the US..

MetEISH13 says:

Where are you from? You sound South African….

Eric DeShields says:

A pump and dump is intentional when the investors that bought it during the consolidation to the left (boring, no-movement) talk up the stock, the stock price rises, people start to buy, then the originals that bought it for less secure their profits, and the stock dumps back down, with the new investors that caused the price increase to happen now occuring losses

Steven Isnumber says:

hehe i've never even looked in the so called penny stocks , majority of whose stocks is a plain boiler room mission , nothing under ~$1billion market cap ,but everybody likes different game , penny stocks is pure psychology 

Zico Slater says:

Hahahahahahahaha!!!! Hilarious, but so true! Your smiley faces are so funny, especially the one with sunglasses that's telling everyone to be "cool" when the stock is tanking! Their coolness always turn to panic and suicidal! LMAO!!!

Keyser Söze says:

The horse with the flies, and cute x's for eyes

MadWorldDesigns says:

Soooo true!

speedproductions797 says:

nice very imformative ;)

feedmeee says:

what software do u use for this

Captain Razza says:

Good vid really taught me a lot. Thanks

Frank Collins says:

I don't get it, how could a 'pump and dump' be intentional??

Marky Mack says:

good inf thanks 

Bee Martin says:

Thanks for your honesty S.J. 1 Out

preludin1 says:

That poor dead horse! LOL!

TheAspietunes says:

This was hilarious. It is exactly how it happens every time. LOL LOL

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