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Today we discuss why you should not invest in penny stocks and ONLY trade them. The truth behind penny stocks and what penny stocks to buy is in this video.


8 penny stocks to buy for may

Penny stocks to buy for june & july

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This guy is the real deal thank you for all the videos. I have traded a couple penny stocks a few years ago and failed looking to get back into it.

Stourport tropics says:

Few words real and raw. That's why I here. Brilliant no bull shit facts. Cheers bro

Lou A says:

again another crystal clear video

Romeo Lives says:

Zaid, people don't listen! Greed will cause people to make stupid choices…. Your training is spot on! I listened and learned! Thank you for the love!

Based Pineapple says:

Follow Zed's advice. View his past videos and you WILL make money. This man's the GOAT.

Mrs.Scissor kick says:


Angelo m says: here free distribution of tokens of (OCN) ODYSSEY began 🙂 Unexpectedly!

game walkthrough says:

Because im not a fucking idiot i do diligence and research i check to make sure its active on Nevada secretary of state or whatever state it is in..

I check to see it has no convertible notes that some ass hole is holding waiting to dump into the float.

Then calculate the cost of the float to make sure it wont take like 50 million buck to get the stock price moving. To name a few.

And yes if it has a very low float i will hold it for a few days or sell and trade dips because supply and demand. Demand is sky high and supply is very low so when some sells say 100 stock the price can dip like 100% but if i buy 10 others also buy it the price shoot back up to 100percent

philip palcsey says:

Where’s the source for catalysts other than ones for bio pharma stocks?

Holy_Mage says:

Fuck it is so hard to let them go when they go up .

Martie Muhsfeldt says:


Дима Синцов says:

If you please. This is a real miracle. Judging by forecasts of experts, ODYSSEY will make up to 100 X-es this year! How? Go here

Naeem Shaikh says:

Hi. What trading platform has the most stocks listed? Iv been trying earner report day trading with plus500 but some of the stocks dont show on plus500.

Elena Gibadullina says:

Make a screenshot of my comment! ZILLIQA will make the biggest growth indicators this year! Buy it while the going is good! And for those who is a cardboard dweller there is a free airdrop

Francesca Brasier says:

I lost 75% of my money in penny stock

Ashley says:

Mega mega advice and for free what more does anyone want ?✌🏻

the_gamer_known_as_thomas says:

Thanks for looking out for the noobs like me

Rere 1030 says:

Good trading advice

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