Penny Stocks vs Forex & Options Trading – Timothy Sykes

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Close – Timothy Sykes discusses why he prefers penny stocks over Forex and options trading. It’s a lot more difficult to gain an edge trading options or forex, less people follow penny stocks because of their bad reputation but they have same predictable patterns that can be taken advantage of to make easy money.


John Dough says:

Tim, when I was looking into stock trading a few years ago, my understanding was that it was often difficult to short stocks, because you had to call a broker to ask if he had shares you could borrow to short. Is that still the case, or is it easier now with the newer technology?

John Dough says:

I think high leverage on forex is a mistake. That’s a good way to blow out your account.

I’m considering going back to stocks because of the “psychology” factor. What I mean is that I would be trading against newbies who are buying stocks based on their hair stylist’s hot stock tips. I want to take advantage of their unrealistic and unfounded optimism, greed, and fear.

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