People Who Got Rich Trading Penny Stocks and How You Can Become A MIllionaire In 2017!

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Close This is a video of people who got rich trading penny stocks this year and how you can become a millionaire in 2017. Tim talks about his best penny stock trading students and the best brokers to use for trading penny stocks – the best penny stock brokers. You can learn from people who got rich from stocks. These aren’t people who got rich overnight or people who got rich fast. They took the time to educate themselves to become smart and successful stock traders. Learning from this information could help you become his next penny stock millionaire student.

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Hedi Benmbarek says:

Tim is right!!!!

Fncy _ says:

You are the best! Thank you for Everything!

william eady says:

I started 2015 with 33,000$ closed off the year with over 220,000$… looking for big gains in 2017… good luck all

Cesare Cavalleri says:

hi! how can I start trading? I want to learn. Where can i start the training?

DarknessXmo says:

i am interested tell me about me poor

Marcos Pelegrin says:

Hey Tim!!! just finished traderchecklist, still watching videos, n I'm about to study those two free guides overnight!!!

Donny Tucker says:

I downloaded think or swim and it's like Chinese to me. I need to study a lot!

IshotU says:

hello! I am 16 years old and desire successfulness for my self and other. I have one question how do I start at a basic level.

Luke Slattery says:

how old do u have to be to trade

Eli Bronson says:

Im 19 years old with $10,000 currently being unused, sitting in the bank. Is this right for me?

Im in a position where i could dedicate my full time to it. (10-14 hours a day) I realize most of the time is simply reading on the computer and expanding your intel. This doesn't bother me.

jose matos says:

hey timothy, i know you don't recommend ROBINHOOD as a broker but I'm new to this so i was thinking maybe i can start here with $500 until i can get the hang of it and I'm looking to buy your dvd so i can study and learn more…you think this is a good idea or should i go with another broker like Etrade etc?

Vanian Yak says:

Thx Tim , gets me inspired to start traiding (:

Clearly Platonic says:

Thank god you made this video! You saved me from Robinhood! Phew!!

Teraunce Ebong says:

Is there an iPhone app for stocks to trade ? -couldn't find one

Diego Molina says:

what platform is this? any broker suggestions?

SmileyGuyFilms says:

Hi, Mr. Sykes! I just wanted to tell you that you have been such a great inspiration to me! This great channel that you have has been one of my biggest sources of inspiration! Thank you so much.

George Dertilis says:

Can you tell me the app that you use for trades?

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