Peter Schiff: Stock Market Crash is Coming

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Peter Schiff: Stock Market Crash is Coming


andrew s. says:

Money blinds reason and morality

bobbyv125 says:

I Wish Peter would Run for Gov of Ct Again We need a Smart Man in this state !!! Thanks for the info Guys !!

Rib Buster says:

A little food for thought. Wells Fargo bank has not been sued by our government.. yet. Also Wells Fargo (WFC) Seems to have a very positive outlook, whenever any of their analysts do an interview on CNBC.
Seems the Standard & Poor's agency was sued by our govt. for "downgrading" the U.S. … for 1.5 Billion.
Our govt. has become a huge parasite, and only weasels like Wells Fargo (IMHO) that feed the American people a load of shit, will be exempt from their wrath…Until the American people rise up and start hanging these fuckers in the town square, expect nothing but Bull Shit from companies like Wells Fargo.
But lets face it…pussies like you..will never rise up..right.

jeff azad says:

when you mention Fox (Faux) lose ALL credibility in my book!!

Brutha Flo says:

The Schiffs about to go down.

waxandwane says:

How could only 2% of the south own slaves…….. when the poplation of black people at the time was close to that of the white people?

WAVETUBE84 says:

Schiff says "lets abolish some federal agencies".   Yeah, lets start with the CIA, NSA, HSA, TSA, and FEMA.  The NSA, CIA, and other "intelligence agencies" FAILED to stop 9/11.  FEMA blew it on Hurricane Katrina.  Americans have nothing to fear from Al Queda, ISIS or any of the other names that they come up with to "label" some Arabs.  9/11 was a result of the US Govt.'s blind support for bsrael.  We fund bsrael with $ and weapons to murder Palestinians and steal their land.  Just like the 1973 Oil Embargo:  OPEC stopped selling oil to USA because of our support for bsrael during the Yom Kippur War.  Nut-yahu wants American soldiers to attack Iran (just like he pushed for the Iraq war).  USA does not need bsrael.  bsrael has NOTHING that we need.  Iran has OIL!

Honesty Counts says:

When recessions come the government fixes it by lowering interest rates. 
With interest rates world-wide now at ZERO, there is no way to lower rates to fix the next recession, so the next recession WON'T END, it will go on for 30 to 50 years, just like Japan's recession since 1990.

ronald sykes says:

yes, with Gaggles of hell fire shitstorms on the horizon,   a death and debt spiral above Jewmerica, and a bloody chinese dead cat bounce lapping apon your shores,   the giant blender machine  will   surely   incure some spillage.   as if a gaggle of hellfire shit storms werent enough?  toss in a death and debt spiral above Jewmerica with a bloody chinese dead cat bounce lapping apon your shores ?  lol  do you have any idea what  just a bloody chinese dead cat bounce  all by itself will do to you and your loved ones?   shit ,a gaggle of hellfire shitstorms can fuck everything up all on its own.  so  get some rice and beans into a cool dry spot,  the pitchfork revelution is just getting sharpened up.

Elaine H (Mamaknock Redoubt) says:

Amazing Interview With Peter Schiff. Highly recommend watching.

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