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Report Date: August 3rd,2017



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Are You Prepared For The Coming Economic Collapse And The Next Great Depression?

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Jmogler says:

Id like to agree with you about the entertainment business but the fact is our way of receiving entertainment has changed drastically over the last 10 years. Believe me if we didnt have netflix, Hulu, youtube, twitch and a plethora of other FREE services and entertainment the box office would still be doing fine. Nobody is buying the story anymore that going to a movie should cost in the realm of 20 bucks for 1 person when you can pay 10 for a month of netfix and the whole family can watch. The demographix has changed and it has nothing to do with people being any more broke than theyve ever been. People dont care about going "Out" to a movie. People can go out to eat, the park, watch a sporting event, but when it comes to screen watching, people arent swallowing the tripe the movies are selling. They need to innovate and compete to stay relevant. Technology has changed and made theatres obsolete

Thomas Demer says:

He has a 4 yr old?

Gordon Stewart says:

I think Peter Schiff is right  about quite a bit  ,but he tends to  blame too much on the FED and not nearly enough on the most destructive force in this country ,…TREASURY !

Gordon Stewart says:

How many new jobs are  useless  ie; retail ,food industry and worse …finance ?   How many are  manufacturing and scientific  innovation ?   How many are  related to government  ?  , spending what they do not have  ie; military, defense contracts  ,healthcare related  ?  How many jobs are  part time instead of full time  and where income over the next few  years will exceed the   inflation which the FED  and TREASURY are trying to impose ?   Trump is a two faced  man ,   that hired what he considered , people in key financial positions  like Treasury  , Commerce  and WH advisors  that are in it ,to have   billionaire security  for the future ,…not for the country

Lynn Roberts says:

Did Peter Say,'' Stocks Crash in August'',???

Imma Ware says:

great analysis except for the YUGE blindspot when it comes to President …

Ian Dalrymple says:

I am shocked the bubble has stayed inflated this long but this guy has been saying we are gonna crash tomorrow since 2011. It gets old man.

Ronnie Girouard says:

Thanks Peter for your Work..

Ronnie Girouard says:

August 24th

John Jones says:

he's looking at his gov. employees only

Scorp says:

look up NESARA , that will fix everything.

Naimah Salahuddin says:

All of the business closings is showing that we are about to be in a Depression or a complete economic collapse.

Mark Harris says:

Everybody has a right to invest in what they believe in. If everybody is wrong.. then they just got to own it. Personally, I buy what Schiff and Greenspan are pitching. To the victor goes the spoils. Place your bet!

Jess n T says:

I think it's crazy how much the market is going up and can't make sense on what bases it's going up because I see business closing left and right in nyc and people are being laid off and companies are going commerce so it makes no sense to me. ;/

Dr. Mike says:

Petrodollar is doomed anyhow and santions will only ensure it even faster!!

John Ayotte says:

Correct me if I am wrong but the market is always in a state of flux, it will always go up and always come down. How much up and how much down is your focus and Trump should take responsibility for this great achievement. Hopefully is doesn't get to low but time will tell. Go Trump!

Donald Duck says:

NorWalk!!! WestPort Greenwich Represent! Sandy Hook was an inside job. See my channel.

Fred Chiaf says:

Ho hum.yet another failed prediction of market crash by the same old geezers time n time again. PEter Shitty, this is getting sooooo tiresome! Maybe after a couple of decades shouting " crash" a thousand times, then when it finally happens, u will surely say…. " see, I told u so!" Moron!!

Jimmy Brannan says:

What's Schiff doing on here? He's like a broken record.

Renee LaChapelle says:

It's all rigged to crash.

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