Peter Schiff: The Fed & Stock Market Crash

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Peter Schiff: The Fed & Stock Market Crash
David Knight talks with economist Peter Schiff about the Federal Reserve and how they have been systematically sabotaging the global economy.


Lry B says:

""Economic Collapse"" The Shemita Effect

Bigbadd Woofe says:

Capitalism has got to go!

Chad B says:

I say, we get Captain America, to fix our economic woes!..Will just pay him in Canadian Dollars!..

Zip Zenac says:

Isn't this the guy who caused so many to lose so much money by being a snake oil salesman and recommending they buy gold and silver?

frankie williams says:

I just watched a YouTube video of the United States Pentagon pouring over a trillion dollars on war robotic inventions and I'm just thinking of myself what the fuc let's bring this money back into infrastructure School's it almost makes me wonder if they're doing the long jump shots and see the future that is little f**** robots and going to be point or charge directions and killing the middle class people off of America the Pentagon's dirty little weapons and all these huge gatherings of insane smart minded people and the Pentagon testosterone just saying we have very deep pockets for you the smart creator of the next best Warmachine ever invented to take out whatever we point and want to be annihilated all we have to do is throw the word of terrorist just like our drones destroy murder mayhem upon innocent civilians we do not feel worthy of our elites standards feels like a Donald Trump hate debates as Donald Trump says I will very well just deport them all and I have something very nice and special in store for our military that I heard during one of Donald Trump love for the Pentagon Warmachine powerhouse of overwhelming strength that makes China Russia think that he's worth battling with this is insane posture this is a recipe of mass human bloodshed metal against flesh go ahead and elect Donald Trump he'll give you what you want and much more President Obama is a warmonger but Donald Trump is the trumpet of gods death of wrath the funny thing is that most people and their minds going as long as they don't mess with my property or home my children are my pets I am NOT going to complain about any wrongdoing that our government is doing down the road as long as it doesn't affect my grass in my lawn you guys are just waiting for the Trump to play the trumpets good luck with your family future depression and the war to come on your home doorstep there are ready come in for your AR 15 what's next year dog

Vention1MGTOW says:

I love how both shiff and Alex both take bitcoins now. They swear they just resell them but I doubt their word. I suspect they're keeping some of them. Over the next 3 years I expect them to hit 10 grand and within 10 years they'll be a million dollars each.

22yrad says:

Wealth transfer redux

Supermanwhiteboy22 says:

Time to buy more food, water, supplies and bullets!

frankie williams says:

the gold buy what a good idea until the feds comes and pulls it from your dead hands at the point of the smoking policemans gun

Greg B says:

The Fed knew what they are doing. Bring the old system down and enter the new Yellen Bucks.

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