Peter SCHIFF Warns !!!Stock Market Crash 2018 Trade War with China

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See More : Game Over – Bill Holter –“A Global Trade War Would Lead To a 40% Market Crash In April 2018?


Global Economic Reset says:

See More : Game Over – Bill Holter –"A Global Trade War Would Lead To a 40% Market Crash In April 2018?

Potato Man says:

Your wrong bitch

Pete Sykes says:

The stock market is down 3,000 points from January 2018 till today,tariffs will cause products in this country to cost more..people will buy less…economy will on it, kiss your retirement goodby folks…Make America Great!!! This country is in serious trouble…be prepared…

Disposable Income Band says:

Trade wars are killing my stocks so I made a funny vidoe “Parody of Kung fu fighting”

Pineapples .R.Yummy says:

irrational paranoia.

daniel smith says:

we can still make some profit with this strategy

mnash3 says:

It started off interesting, but then went downhill.

You fail to make the 2 most important acknowledgments and/recommendations.

The first which should have been the most obvious. Maybe the problem is that the Republicans as well as the Democrats represent a failed 2 party system. Did you ever consider that? Both are bought. So maybe the solution is to give a new party a shot at change….

The second, which should have been obvious… lol… You seem to clearly know more than the rest of us…. Sooooooo now why are you not running for office again?

My badd… There is a third item that is important to mention… Maybe it does not matter who is in office or even who is the president as the country is ran by the bankers…

We clearly participate in a horrible game of monopoly and as long as the bankers give us just enough to pay the minimum on our credit card then they are happy… sigh….

Good luck on your project….

Eds World Of Bass Playing says:

Most everyone I know is better off now than before Tump including myself. Making more money and able to buy more things with the extra money. I am not seeing anything you are talking about in this video as being true.

David Turner says:

Everything you are saying is just classic politics. This cycle has been going on 150 years. America is no longer an expansionist country. There is no longer any new frontier to send the poor and homeless too. We are a built up filled in country now like Europe is; we are going to have to go to the economic model of Europe for the future. We have been going into this sort of economy since WWII. I don't think this country will ever be able to compete against lower wage countries ever again. Tariffs are a classic reaction to too many cheap goods coming into a country. I think we should restructure our government to follow the Canadian or the German models for an economic system. The people in those countries seem to be pretty happy and prosperous most of the time; and pretty competitive. They also seem to balance their budgets better than ours does.

fred said says:

Master schiff at it's best

Intraday profit says:

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Northwoods Patriot says:

This guy has been blowing his horn of 'doom and gloom' for at least 30 years that I'm aware of. I guess sooner or later he may get it right in his lifetime.

MC says:

Israel will be fine. That's all that matters. The Goyim are only here to serve the Jew.

Green Mountain says:

short overbought gold.

Marek Kolenda says:

Wall Street's stocks brokers should trade oil in Petro Yuan to gets better profit.

Dave Jones says:

Zzzzzzzzz. Zzzzzzzzzz, trump bad bl bla bla zzzzzzzzx Trump horrible..bla bla bla…… Trump thi trump that….bla bla bla

Shax Rashid says:

all these gold bugs just love a recession so they can make money when the market falls and gold can rally. its just truly sad. they hate the stock market cuz they got caught into the commodities and they did not rally like stock market. and now they want a recession so bad so that they can say see i told you soo!! its juts hilarious. for years ive been hearing its crashing its crashing if you listen to these so called experts you will always lose money. they just want you to buy gold silver and just sleep over it for the rest of your life till it goes up. thats juts plain stupid.

mikebtko says:

1 of 5 Recently Suspended From Facebook: Now where was I before Faceberg suspended me, some of this is might be redundant, but I had to write it in pieces, but that's okay. I try..

These people running our cities don't create planned intelligent communities for all their residence. They create concrete 'feed lot – people farms'. Hierarchical Societies that trample its inhabitants, beat them down with commercialism. It's a formula. They create parking lot' metal farms everywhere, that all eventually look the same. With their mind numbing noise of cars and SUV's whizzing by.  And they live in their luxurious McMansions, with all their adult toys, tucked away on a hilltop, off the strip of mainstreet, and counting the cash rolling in. While the debauchery intensifies in the concrete 'feed lot – people farm' feeding frenzy down below. Until it starts to spill over into their luxurious estate areas, then onto the next ill-fated 'feed lot – people farm'.. God help us all!

Yes, these people, who think they own us, are creating 'feed lot – people farms' everywhere.  Soley merchant shops of people needing to 'feed off' each other. The fatter the steers, the more successful the 'feed lot – people farms' are for the 'McMansion Dwelling Overlords'. Just look around you!

Think Bigger Gringos & Brothas'/Sistas'!!! Ask if Latin Americans can help you build a Silk Road, like China thru Africa is doing, only North America thru South America. High Speed Rails, Maglev, light-weight transport, free of maritime law & 'In-House' Lockdown of warehoused' Chinese workers for 13-16 hrs. daily. I don't care what you might think, but that's a 'Universal Hurt', and certainly produces a chain reaction. Mexicans are industrious like the Germans were. They can help us build something to alleviate a lot of this slave labor, from North thru South America… "Don't cry cuz you've got no vision left!"

These Presidents are selected by Masonic Orders, they are mentally deranged, from centuries of incestuous eugenics. They're not our daddies. That 'old money', those Northeast/New England vultures want your resources. That's all they care about, 'shekeling us'.  You don't know how many of their minions, traitors of their 'owned people', approach me with, "these people are hopeless, and why they deserve 'a takeover' of somebody elses 'feed lot – people farm'. People like, swindling former usury banking mortgage brokers, former 'old money' Texas oil & gas farts, etc., accompanying that New York/New Englander 'old money' are here because they felt like a stranger in their former 'feed-lot people farm'. This 'old money' is only about controlling your 'feed-lot people farms' now.

We have to be our own daddies! Their sh*t's no good! These people would ride us like farm animals, if they could get away with it. Then have another tribe slaughter us. All the while, screaming "Nazi, Nazi, Nazi!" The sh*t is tired!

A real economy is not just merchants/shopping/watering holes(And the 'bone chilling' truth about how this real dirty money is being made abroad), securing a new homeland in a place our peoples will be sacrificed for. All these brand new?60,000 SUV's being driven in, and around, in the U.S,. (Not everybody, but so much of this is not from 'healthy wealth'). And all these other 'big ticket' items. When most of us are just scraping by in a dead economy? How do you think people can afford them? Most of us have caught on.

Yes, things like sending 'Kill Teams' over to slaughter babies & mothers for Greater Israel Project and their expansionist agenda. It chills us to the bone just thinking about it… It makes us sad. It disturbs so many of us, it can't continue. Greater Israel Expansion Project has the largest covert military operations in the world… God help us all!…

2 of 5
Someone asked me a few days ago "Why I'm so concerned?", and so vigilant about warning my fellow Puerto Ricans to keep a watchful eye? Because we are already at war. 'Domestic and Abroad'. My family and friends have visited the island 3 times. They said Rincón is so beautiful, but the first thing they commented on, was how much they loved and enjoyed the Puerto Ricans…

When I was young, in Los Angeles CA, we had Mariachi Music, "Soul Train"??, prolific 'West Coast' Singer-Songwriters, Japanese Deer Park, San Diego/Coronado Beach, to the south of us & Palm Springs Desert, Big Bear Skiing nearby, etc., just gorgeous diverse music & culture, but they "Divided & Conquered" us. No, it wasn't always great back then either, but something incredibly disturbing has changed. Most notably, after 911, it went into 'overdrive'. Now it has become crystal clear, their 'control grid' is solely in the business of 'early death', 'feed lot-people farms' to depopulate earth. Not sure what kind of 'compost' we'll make, but they have definitely stepped up efforts to herd us out of here, in their 'feed lot – people farms'…

People are fleeing (Like a Bat Out Of Hell!"), most of my family & friends background consisted of Irish/Cherokee/Mexican (really, all I knew and hung out with were Mexican Americans) they're dead, or most have fled to Mexico to raise their families. Even my mom had moved to Mexico, for awhile, before she died. So many people know that "We're living Under Occupation". Nobody wants this amount of lying being fed to them.

So many professors, business professionals, etc., fired for confessing Communist China was promised the West. "To be anti Communist is to be Anti-Jew!" – Jewish Village Voice. They even boast about it. Fired from their positions in Academia, Businesses, etc., because they love their fellow man and they are speaking out against their planned demise for us. We'll call it 'Chabad Mob Int'l Banking' that are taking up residence in, and moving operations to M.E & Africa, for control of the ultimate trade route, and minus the bottle-sucking West, that they themselves created, by design; only to now, collapse it.

They're going to eventually bring in new slaves, with 'reduced numbers required', to lie to. Telling them "These other slaves were no good." Tell this new tribe of slaves, "We know you'll do better." And promise them if they work hard they'll get to have a prosperous home, family, opportunity, etc. It seems to many of us they've been cycling tribes out of their 'feed-lot people farms' now, in less than 2 decades, certainly morally, physically and spiritually giving them 'the beatdown'.

But this time they want to dump Latin Americans, including here in Puerto Rico,  to utilize their wealth of Natural Resources and implement the solar/battery technology, that Puerto Ricans should utilize for themselves immediately, on a grand scale.  Look what this 'Chabad Mob' and their usury banking cabal practice is doing in Honduras and Venezuela to Latins there. Like I've said before, ask youselves how savvy are the other tribes at differentiating between Asians, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, etc., because they're not. Same goes for Latins..

Yes, Latin Americans are their major target now, the world is going 'the way' the real Nikola Tesla envisioned a 100+ years ago, and the slave owners don't like Latin American numbers because they've got 'the sweet spot' for this technology!  They play Gods. Like they're running an exclusive dance club. Oh sure, they feign sincerity for Latins. How else would you groom your next land grab victims, goons, and your next war fodder. You stroke them with phony compassion and a 'sh*t-eatin' grin'. "Democracy Now!", their Amy Goodman, is one of the most masterful persons I've ever saw at feigning sincerity, and gatekeeping. Gatekeeping has become the most insidious practice of all forms of deceit.  Her grandfather is a Masonic Rabbi. How come these dual citizens still own their media, even in Latin America, with Saban Capital, etc.! Yet, they want a homeland thousands of miles away???

They should relinquish power, not consolidate it, with "yes men and women" who gladly assist them with their war propaganda and 'feigning sincerity', raking in ungodly amounts of money. Feeding off the 'feed-lot – people farms'. Instead of betterment/intelligent growth of societies, for all! Because they want most of us dead, or enslaved!

Roger didit says:

I've been hearing doomsday predictions for over forty years. It's always some expert advising us to "buy gold". Remember Y2K? Where are all those experts now? They just crawl back under their rocks, and a new set come with new warnings.

Jim Mathers says:

Where did my comment go? It disappeared. Nice censoring.

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