PETER SCHIFF Warns: The Next Stock Market Crash – (Not Ending)

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Roman One says:

You guys do know none of your money counts if you buy stocks or not.. average investor buys 1-100 shares of a large company, that literally does nothing when you sell, it’s the giant financial groups that move the market, they buy hundreds of thousands or millions of stocks at a time, right now they’re dumping like crazy. Something must be going on, open your eyes

Dan Sawler says:

This is horrible – all olds releases

John Jones says:

all the money is in the toys for destruction.

Daniel OBrein says:

barry —the money men are saying Trump would better suited to handle the coming bankruptcy —-he has handled many of them —-better him than some dumb democrat

alexander nanos says:

Wall st says earnings drive the market its all bullshit all the analysts are only guessing one says the market is going up one says the market is going down becareful people

barrrylincoln says:

I just wonder what would happen if you filthy rich guys got together and pulled billions out of the markets right before an election, could it influence the voters? I think Schiff is a smart guy. Have always enjoyed hearing Peter speak. He can draw a crowd on the sidewalk, he tells it like it is. Maybe looking at a future President?

M C says:

let the fat lady sing….kill the fed…restart this country….the stock market is bullshit as fake as michael oboma

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