Pokemon Gold and Silver Virtual Console Time Capsule Trading with Pokemon Yellow

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Here’s a quick video showing up Time Capsule trading between Generations 1 and 2 in the upcoming Pokemon Gold and Silver Virtual Console games for Nintendo 3DS.


Therence Habon says:

So you can trade Pokemon without having another 3DS

G error sans says:

What Town allows you to do that

Steven Arevalo says:

Thanks for the video hopefully it can work for me

Porygon2ning says:

Does anyone know if it's possible to trade and battle between my Spanish Silver version with my friends English Gold version on the Virtual Console.

I don't think the games would corrupt. Does the Virtual Console even allow the different language games to connect?

FsT- BiGGiE says:

…I don't have a second 2DS 🙁

Henry Craven says:

What I'd like to know is: if it's possible for Pokemon Bank to move Pokemon from Gen 1 to Gen 2

Hells Bells says:

You can do this with one ds?

Peng_Productions says:

If i got mew via the glitch in yellow can I use time capsule to get it in silver?

PortalPorygon says:

This is video was very useful thanks!

Noah Golden says:

Do you need separate consoles for this shit?

Natalia Kowalczyk says:

Guys put Pokemon from Pokemon red blue or yellow in the poke bank than transfer it to the gold/silver

LP Albert says:

On one console?

Drako says:

I cant it always say time capsule is being adjusted

Mike says:

Can you do this with one 3ds

Jon foy says:

sooo I need two 3ds's for this?

Skellytheironskeleton says:

How much money will it be

Pedro Santos says:

can we get mew (glitch) from the 1st gen???

Caolan Robinson says:

how did you get it early?

Super Mario Zachary says:

Do you need 2 systems to do this cuz I have yellow and getting gold

bruce lau says:

of course this is not real but when it comes later this month, this would actually happen cause it is..

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