Possible $40,000 Gold Trading Opportunity

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Joshua Martinez, of Traders Agency, hasn’t covered Gold Futures in a while. How has Gold been trading since he last covered it? Gold has been on a slow bullish push over the past couple of weeks. As you know, markets trade in waves and with every wave peak, we may see a slight correction.

Gold is reaching a the backside of a u turn point and should bounce from its counter trend line. This bounce could be as much as a $40,000 move.

Joshua Martinez will continue to monitor this Gold trading opportunity, if you want to be notified of his next analysis be sure to subscribe to his channel!

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Mr Joshua you are really helpfull

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Loving your idea, how much levelage you inversting

Lucia Jaramillo says:

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Hey man how s going? Iam ashkan and iam watching your video frome Tehran Iran. I have a question :

Do you trade on stock market too?

Jesse Ordonez says:

As always. Make sure you have your fundamentals.

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