Prepare For The Imminent Economic Collapse! Stock Market Crash, BANK CRASH!

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Sandra Stanley says:

It's always 'imminent collapse' and has been for last three years. You need to find the definition of 'imminent"

eurojane72 says:

Poor Putin…..

MrAhmadimuslim says:

I got this copy and paste.
Is the banking system in reality a Ponzi scheme?
“All the king’s horses and all the king’s men cannot put the private banking system together again, for the simple reason that it is a Ponzi scheme that has reached its mathematical limits. A Ponzi scheme is a form of pyramid scheme in which new investors must continually be sucked in at the bottom to support the investors at the top. In this case, new borrowers must continually be sucked in to support the creditors at the top. The Wall Street Ponzi scheme is built on "fractional reserve" lending, which allows banks to create "credit" (or "debt") with accounting entries. Banks are now allowed to lend from 10 to 30 times their "reserves," essentially counterfeiting the money they lend. Over 97 percent of the U.S. money supply (M3) has been created by banks in this way.”1

raymond lindroth says:

Obama will be the LAST President of America.The NEXT ruler of America will be  KING.  Dan. 8: 21.The first and only KING of America will be Satan's literal genetic son.America will go to war  against Persia.America will win.THEN America will break into 4 nations.Out of 1 of these 4 nations will come the false messiah.The false messiah will put America back together again.  Rev. 17: 8.May Yahweh give you your hearts desire.Heb. 12: 14.bless you

raymond lindroth says:

The economic crash will not come to pass until Yahweh says so.May Yahweh bless you

darryl lecours says:

i know there is global turmoil but why is everything always "eminent collapse" with you?

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