Preparing For A Bear Market

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For the first time in 10 years, we’re in a bear market. Many new traders haven’t seen a bear market … so what does it mean and how can you prepare? Watch this video to learn about my experience and tips for how to prepare for this type of market!

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For the first time in 10 years, we’re in a bear market. Haven’t seen a bear market before? How can you prepare?

The simple answer is that you can’t prepare. Don’t try to predict future markets. Learn to react to what’s happening in the markets. Learn to live in the moment and trade in the moment.

I want you to learn patterns … And different markets have different patterns.

FOR EXAMPLE: Lately, a lot of stocks with terrible long-term charts are spiking for one, two, three, or four days. In the past, stocks with bad long-term charts would only spike for a day. The market is adapting and changing, and you need to learn to adapt and change with it.

If you see a pattern that’s working again and again, try it. You can always practice first. Try to paper trade it with fake money using StocksToTrade.

You can also try trading with a small account. Don’t go all in when you’re testing out a new strategy. But by all means, TEST it in the moment.

You can’t predict what’ll happen in the market. You can’t predict what’ll happen in the future. Instead, learn to react.

It can be a tough lesson, but preparation can sometimes actually make you do worse. It’s still important to study the past. But you need to understand that what worked in the past may not work in the future.

You can still learn from this — there are some parallels. Sometimes the same sectors, the same stocks can spike in a similar manner.

You don’t have to know everything. You don’t have to prepare ahead of time. What you have to do is study the past and then be ready to react to the patterns that are working now.

How are you reacting to the bear market? What strategies are you using and how are you adapting your trading style? Share your triumphs and fails in the comments below…

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Timothy Sykes says:

How are you trading in the bear market? What strategies are you using?

Vincenzo Migliaccio says:

I haven't seen a financial bear market yet

Ishit Doshi says:

No… I have never witnessed a bear market

Fernando Monsivais says:

Never seen a bear market, but it makes sense to react to the moment because the market is nonlinear

Alex Winkler says:

I seem to make my best trades when the market crashes. Although a full on bear market will be somewhat new for me. Started getting into the markets first time around '09

Trading Protips says:

bro u need to use a lint roller. anyways thanks for all the free wisdom. you are amazing

Lou Meyer says:

Nope only about 2yrs in so am watching and learning.

sadam khan says:

u r 100% write

austinogg says:

live in moment …dont worry about bear market … adapt to the market

Robert Mattner says:

Bob M. from Sea Cliff. Tim thanks for BEING REAL!!!!

Robert Mattner says:

Bob M form Sea Cliff, NY yes I observed the crash of 1986, crash of 2000 lost 60K . so my Cautiousness in following through with TMC, Getting close. I need Trading Therapy!! Ha HA

The 10% says:

Tim, my names brady. I have been watching your videos whenever i have free time, i am not trading at the moment because i have at most of acouple hundred dollars (which i should spend on a nice sushi dinner) ? but i am currently working as a diesel mechanic welder and fabricator i work 80hours a week not including side jobs and i am hungry for more i am avoiding jumping into stocks unacknowledged the best i can but still am studying from your videos. Hopefully in a couple months i will both have a couple thousand dollars and also knowledge of the trade i just would need a mentor to teach me more that i cannot learn online, so far you have been my virtual mentor through these videos

John Rich says:

Why sell courses if you're so rich?

Gladys Jimenez says:

I am barely beginning to trade so no, haven’t seen a bear market before.

Chris Perry says:


Gedalia Niasoff says:

This help me alot

Carl Vestergaard says:

WHOA! i just got started and a bear market already, i'm just gonna pause for now and continue investing with my portfolio manager.

Willem Conradie says:

No I haven't.

MufflePuff says:

WHEN Tim! When we enter!!! I will be PREPARED!!!
I’ve never seen a bear market as a trader.

Continuous Learner says:

No, I was in middle school when it happened. So I have no idea what happened then

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