President Donald J. Trump Helping Bitcoin! 3 Fundamental Indicators Bitcoin Will Rally Higher!

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3 Fundamental Reason Why Bitcoin Will Rally Again! 3 DIFFERENT Reasons Trump Is Good For Bitcoin! 👍

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x0Goti0x says:

Best crypto channel

Crypto Polar Bear says:

For the record, there is a Donald Trump and Barack Obama account active on the BitCoin Cash Telegram Channel (not sure it's them or not). Some good posts and also by yours truly. And I paid over $2 yesterday for a BTC transaction (not happy about that). My BCH transaction was less than $0.01. The chickens might be coming home to roost later this year. I watched the bank CEO's at the House Financial Meeting yesterday (part of it). The whole CECL thing is pretty scary reading into it.

reality check says:

BITCOIN IS OVERBOUGHT. Bitcoin’s daily Relative Strength Index (RSI) output currently reads an 83. Each and every time BTC’s one-day RSI sat above 83, a 30% drop came in the coming days. Case in point, in summer of 2017, BTC fell from $3,000 to $1,700 after its RSI peaked at 84.
According to the RSI you can expect a gradual decrease in the price of BTC to approx $3000-$3500 in Sept 2019. Using the RSI again, you can expect an increase in BTC to approx $16,500-$17,000 ($16,000 being conservative) at the end of 2020.

Richard Haenisch says:

You speak about nothing but strong fundamentals, yet you (or your brother) are keeping your powder dry for BTC $2,500 or less ? Seriously, Aaron, show some balls and stop the wavering. Have we seen the lows (at 3,100) or not ? Anyone heeding your (or your brother's) advice, would have been sitting on the sideline and by now would have missed out on a 60%+ return since BTC reached 3,100. Let me hear you (or your brother) come out in one of your many posts and actually "commit" to a bottom. You guys provide daily pertinent info on the sector, but refuse to call a bottom. With over 73,000 subscribers, you have great clout when it comes to Everything Crypto and yet you have lost more credibility by NOT committing one way or the other about whether the low is in for BTC. When will you commit the money you had earmarked for BTC $2,500 and FOMO in ? Will you EVER ? TAKE A STAND, Aaron ! In regards to Trump, your points are valid in regards to him besmirching the image and competence of the Fed. The demise of our economy, however, is inevitable, in my opinion (hence the need for Bitcoin) – Trump or no Trump. Indirectly, Trump is propelling the emergence of Bitcoin, I agree.

J. D. says:

Indeed it'll rally again eventually. I still don't think we will hold 6k at anytime this year (if we even touch it at all) but looking to 2020 as the year BTC breaks above 6k for good.

As for Trump, it seems like he's doing something good for crypto. That's awesome.

crazitomali says:

I hate trump. But if he does good for bitcoin, then atleast that's one other thing he did right.

Travis Rose says:

Thanks 🙏

Nug U says:

No I don't think Donald Trump has any idea what Bitcoin is lol.

Any positive effect he's having on Bitcoin is sheer coincidence.

Antoine Jameson says:

Youtubers flooding to Dlive could blow up Bitcoin also

Old Fart In Crypto says:

so how is coinbase card different than bitpay?

weeh Dinga says:

i voted for him in my opinion he knows the problem on banking system his first 100 days then December 2018 Dow Jones BS glitch 😀 oh Trump came in the office we at 19.9 trillion then last year it was 21 so in total 1 trillion spent from december 2016 to december 2018 then all of a sudden now 22 trillion have to bail out Dow and S&P last december 2018, so Executive Order 13772 aint worth a chit. least Trump knows how American Tax payers (TAXPAYERS means immigrant Gay Lesbian disable person that are working not just white and black) . Trump executed Executive Order hoping the Failed Banking system will not gang rape the Tax payers again. did not know Italy is 51st state they got bail out 😀😀 , but Trump realized that now he cant stop this Bankers, i think he know about Bitcoin but he does not know how Blockchain works. Andrew Yang #yang2020 Yang mention if you can do banking on the phone why not Voting on the phone now that is blockchain tech, also not from andrew yang in my own Corrupt government Politician dont like Blockchain in the system xoz we the people will and can audit Easy who we think spending tax payer money for they own benefits, by the wat Yang UBI for the citizen vs 22 trillion unlimited bankers bail out benefit courtesy of tax payers. Does Andrew yang have a chance in DNC i hope system is Rig if he pass the DNC become DNC candidate will He win America Nope bama is half White lol half of him can get in but half is outside the door then yang full blooded taiwanese even im Filipino i know how white people think dont matter if the country is failed and going down hard they still voting white coz its called Patriot lol. by the way 200 million wow plus the bail outs just being PATRIOTS, did i write this to insult people NO this is our reality and reality is not positive vibe like day dreaming. so HODL that Bitcoin at the end of the day we are the early adoptors the Pioneer of Bitcoins are Gone they in they Yatch Zipping on Mojito probly naked girls serving them thats what i want Butt nakedin the middle of the ocean in my yatch with 10 fine 😀😀 thanks for sharing the video Altcoinsdaily

Kevin McKee says:

You seem cool your the fringe altcoin dude. I’ve been learning about this golden cross of the 50 day and 200 day ema. That theory shows maybe wait to buy as well. I got all my losses back last week. Been learning since I fomo in last December with the rest. I stayed they whined and cried I. Here to serve them up tissues this year. Let’s do this baby. I think mid May this bull gonna charge.

Remy Way says:

“Eeeeee-ohhhh-thhhhhh! Long live eeeeee-ohhhhhh-thhhhhh!!!” In the voice of the guy from Goonies “rocky road” and “hey you guys!” 😂

Kevin McKee says:

HR 24 and 25 new bills to audit and abolish the federal reserve, with another bill to abolish the tyrannical dept of miseducation. The federal reserve lost its banking license in oct of 2017 check it out. We’re gonna win we dont bend over especially to spell run on demand.

J Shadilay says:

Trump/Bitcoin 2020

Captain Crypto Morgan says:

Trump is the Man!!!

Antonia Delgado says:

Trump supporting BTC?? Darn it!!!! Dump inc!!!

masood asadi says:

Get free bitcoin , just with join

Blockchain Education says:

Great video!! Nicely put together and well explained. Thank you!

rettneckcrypto says:


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