Preview: Option Chain and Option Strategies on Upstox Pro Web

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Learn how to use a live option chain window and execute trades from there. Also construct multi-leg option strategies and execute them directly from the Upstox Pro platform.


Dinesh Patil says:

Are bhai aap kya india ke bahar rahate ho kya? Hindi bhi use kar liya karo. Angrejo ki aulado.

Dinesh Patil says:

Are bhai aap kya india ke bahar rahate ho kya? Hindi bhi use kar liya karo. Angrejo ki aulado.


add day separator line in chart


Excellent work. Keep it up.
Can you please tell me if it is possible to place a limit order for a price above CMP. Eg, if the CMP of Option is 15, can you please tell me how I can place a limit order for buy at 25.

ayy lmao says:

Please add Exponential Moving Average Indicator in Upstox Pro.

Javed Khan says:

First work on your server load, there is no point on adding the new feature when your application not able to handle the customer load. on 18th May your server was down for almost 1hr we were not able to login to the upstox pro. on the other end customer care number was also giving the busy tone.
this can be a nightmare for those who trade on large lots and not able to put the stop first make the base strong then work on the other things.


great job…..

Mohsinkhan Chauhan says:

dear sir,
kindly request to to make specially video about co/oco/amo.
what is co/oco/amo?
make video above topic in mobile application.

waiting ur reply.

Mohsinkhan Chauhan says:

specially make video about co and oco and amo?
only explain co/oco/amo .. only….

Rakesh Nimbly says:

plz add stochastic oscillator indicator and allow to create more than 5 watchlists

supratim ghosh says:

sir kab option chain ko add kar raha hai

Shailendra Tiwari says:

Further to my comments, this software will become best in India atleast, if you can add total greeks in position widget , so that we can have before and during the trade live delta, gamma , vega and theta greeks at least and if we enter into more than one strategy then total posion greeks as well, then it becomes best place to trade options.

Javed Khan says:

Will be good if you can give us option to create our own custom strategies.

Shailendra Tiwari says:

superb, only one more thing if you can add is live greeks of the strategy traded, so that it can help for adjustment.
presently only you can see greeks for selecting strikes/strategy but once trade is placed, greeks monitoring will be extremely helpful for adjustments if required.


Officius is genius , excellant work

Avani Mehta says:

Superb job done guys. Love the new features. Looking forward to use them from next week.

yumnam sunder says:

the new features introduced by upstox dont appear on my screen…pliz help me out…..

abhimanyu singh says:

When it is coming

Nikhil Jindal says:

really great work guys, first Indian broker platform with greeks and payoff in their platform, that too in a web-based platform!
Keep up the good work.

nowUsee says:

can i apply for IPO with RKSV

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