Pros And Cons Of Trading Options On Robinhood App

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As with any platform, there are things Robinhood does great and others it does not. We go through buying and selling options along with spreads. Options trading is complicated and Robinhood doesn’t do a great job of saying what the risks are for newer trades. We walk through the app to show you what it does well and where it falls short.

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Jay Lewis says:

I think its pretty easy to see what is in the money. It shows you the price in the middle of the option screen and the price above and below that price is in the money. So far ive been able to make pretty good return with options, but it is a cumbersome platform

BuffteethrBlog says:

Once again I say Robinhood is a free platform… FREE.. There are alot of free or near free tools for doing charts and research and then use Robinhood for execution. The great thing about Robinhood is it allows you to swing trade with small profit margins because your are not being overwhelmed by fees on opening and closing trades. Its is FREE for a reason.

Simon Tse says:

Nick. I noticed something peculiar on Robinhood options. If you look at today’s option results for QCOM, there are large swings in gain / loses for almost the same option chain. Example. Buy to open June 1 call at $59 yielded +156% gain. Buy to open June 1 call at $59.5 yielded -80%. That’s a 236% difference on just $0.5 difference in strike price. Can you explain this? Thanks man.

Lonnie Boudreaux says:

That’s what I’m having trouble with is the “limit price” sometimes it will say between $0.00-$3.95. Do I always go in the middle or just don’t trade options with a spread of that much?

Simon Tse says:

I wish robinhood can do shorts. Lots of short opportunities coming up.

Simon Tse says:

Nick… good video… where have you been lately… keep making videos man… Robinhood is good for options because it is commision free. Option trading, I tend to hold for very little time, no more than days, sometimes even multiple trades of the same stock in the same day…so the free commision part really helps.

Latoya Beckford says:

can you do a video about buying puts on robinhood

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