Psar and Adx binary Options Strategy in Action!!

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The Psar and Adx combo strategy by Ashraf is one of the most popular strategies in our FB group. Many members reported a lot of success using this binary options strategy. I encourage you to check out some of my latest videos relating to our FB signals binary options group. We have great traders on our team, generating high quality signals every day. To join you can email me at or register via:

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Don’t hesitate to post any comments or questions below this video. Thank you for watching and good luck with your trading!

Michael Freeman


Joe Hepworth says:

Please, please do not use black as a background colour. It is very difficult for some of us to see the dark colours against it.

Charine Baptiste says:

This was a very useful video. May I ask how to get access to GDMFX demo account?

Bronwyn Shadwell says:

Nice & simple -just how i like it! Thanks for this Ashraf, you have come so far since you first started trading & I for one am super proud of you!! Keep it up.

Miral Sawjani says:

Great video.. simple but effective strategy. For all new traders and existing traders, check out the video and the channel for more quality strategies like this. be sure to check out the fb group and see top traders in action

pinaki roy says:

Hi Michael, please add me to your group. I sent u the broker confirmation since july 🙁 hope i get to be a part of this team too. Thanks for sharing the videos :)

Line Chapadeau says:

Thanks Ashraf for sharing another great strategy and to Michael for posting this awesome educational video. The video make it easier to learn and understand. I bet all haters watched it and are now testing/using this strat… Michael's FB group/family rock!!!

Diane Cleak says:

Another great strategy from Ashraf.
He is very clear and helps us to learn thoroughly.
It is good to have several strategies in our armoury.
Ashraf is part of Michael Freeman's trading group on Facebook, where we are learning to trade for ourselves, under the guidance of several great traders.

Mote Kaisuva says:

Another effective strategy Ash, thanks for sharing your knowledge. Thanks Mike for this opportunity!

Donna Mayo says:

Thanks for sharing this simple but reliable strategy.  After watching the video, I tried some backtesting on a few pairs and the win rate can be very high (> 85% in my quick testing) IF one follows all the directions you specify exactly.  It is so nice to be part of Mike's FB group where successful traders are willing to share their secrets with the rest of us and thus provide us with an opportunity to learn and grow as traders.  After a little more testing to gain more comfort, I'm going to use this live.  Thanks again Ashraf!

Danny Lawrence says:

Great strategy and setup Ashraf!  Setting up my GDMFX demo for it now.  Thx

Frank Banks says:

I have watched the video and the strategy looks great.I had 2ITMs already with this today.
So it was worth the wait. I look forward to more explanatory videos of your strategies.Thanks for the efforts.

Andrea Santini says:

Thank you Ashraf. If I was writing something like TripAdvisor review this video deserves  5 star vote. Is clear ,simple and you can apply this strategy immediately. thank you Michael and Ashraf to share this new strategy. It's now two months that I joined this amazing FB group and after two years of wasted time and money for the first time my broker account is growing. Thank you

Glynn U says:

Thanks for sharing your strategy Ashraf. Another great example of how this FB group shares educational information and helps all the members become successful traders. This Binary Options family ROCKS, and is by far the most advanced trading group on the planet! Keep the ITM's coming. Sweet trade!

Lau Theng Foong says:

This is an amazing strategy and thanks for sharing with us. great learning on new strategy and add more knowledge to my binary option trading. clear info and explanation with some real testing result. Thanks again and cheers?

Bhargav Rajurkar says:

You can follow signals and make money..
You can trade in the group and make money..
You can learn high performing strategies at no cost..
You can take live education in the webinars at a price which is less than what one invests in a single trade..
What more one should expect from any group..?
No one can even get closer to what this group provides.. Hats-off..
Great Video..Surely this strategy is going into my trading arsenal..

Gen. Ripu says:

It was amazing to see such a wonderfully simple strategy. I read the article too and got more into my mind. I suggest everyone to read the article also as it will make this strategy settle more concretely into your mind.
The link to article on Mike's blog is
Remember, the ADX has to be above 25 for conformation of a valid signal as it shows a strong trend reversal. I think Ashraf somehow forgot to mention it.
So, go ahead and ITM.   Thanx.. Ashraf  Moos and Michael Freeman.


Its an amazing strategy and i am just trying to learn it and i think every one should try it out.I am interested in learning something new in Binary trading and i am happy to learn of The Psar and Adx combo strategy today; good work

Mohammed Dawood says:

Now this is the real deal dislikers 1dollar menu is for you lol..

Alex Borradale says:

Just joined the group and a s a relative newbie I obviously need to watch a few more of the beginner level videos before I watch these ones, but will definitely be back to rewatch this later. Thanks for all your educational videos you post so we can learn how to trade and not just how to follow your guys trades.
Thanks heaps, tried a fair few rip off systems before stumbling onto you and have to say with time and patience I can see making back those losses in this group as everyone seems genuinely interested in us all succeeding and making money.
So happy to have found an honest and encouraging group to learn from.
Thanks to each and every one of you.
Alexandra Borradale.

Ps: happy for any group members to shoot me a friend request. Will accept it if it tells me you're a member of the group.
Also any recommendations on which videos to start with on the youtube channel or does it tell u what order to watch in? Haven't gotten a chance to get over and check it out properly yet as I just joined yesterday.

Ashraf Moos says:

Hi guys, in the video I forgot to mention a very important confirmation too,you will see that In the adx indicator window I have drawn a line at the level 25,so this is a trend follwing or breakout strategy and therefore we trade only when the momentum is strong enough to push us in the right direction.We will have a confirmation of this when the adx line is above 25 and we will not enter any trades when adx is below 25.

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