Pull Out Money Before The Stock Market Crash?!

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Pull Out Money Before The Stock Market Crash?!

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ROTTER says:

Pulling money out of the market crashes the market further. No one learn from the great depression? No one can answer this question! NO ONE knows what the market will do! NO ONE! The only thing that runs the market is greed and fear. LISTEN TO NO ONE!

Jayne Pete says:

2019 going into 2020 economy will crash thats a fact. And once it does it will never recover. Keep your eyes wide open and watch. The global economy is doomed and will fall like a house made of cards. Chaos and riots, thats what will happen.

Lucio Barros says:

You will see it .

tom fadness says:

The only people that die in a burning building are the people that dont get out.

michdad1 says:

Dave knows nothing. He just gave foolish advice.

Kevin Rowland says:

This guy is stupid. It would be prudent at this point if your sitting on nice size profits To sell the fund and go into short term bonds for maybe 2% -4% sit out the market correction and each month as market dips lower you buy back into it at lower and lower prices. Then when it turns around you will be up HUGE!!!

Slappy Milktoast says:

Ramsey is out of place, no idea what he's talking about .. Its ALL Coming Down ,The Fed (fake money) / Companies buying back their own stocks is Pumping The markets and their phony market fuel machine is running DRY !!!

Michael Pollini says:

Either Dave thinks he's going to live to 100 or he's not watching the market.

Michael Pollini says:

Every time I buy a Chinese stock an hour later I'm hungry again!

Josh V says:

Just leave it there
Just contribute money consistently every week just like you contribute money on your 401K
If you panic and sell your stocks you’ll loose money

Andrew Anon says:

Dear caller please look for a YouTube channel called the MoneyGPS for an alternative opinion.
It won't cost you anything an may save your retirement. Peace out

William Mason says:

I don't sell anything, just stop buying as much and stacking more than the normal amount of cash.

Shiba Inu says:

If you have to ask "should I cash in my stocks, " then you probably should.

c3p O says:

Ramsey is out of place, no idea what he's talking about. Stick to your "baby steps" Ramsey fans

pmh1nic says:

The advise is somewhat relative to age and risk aversion. If you think the market is due for a major correction at the same time you'll be needing that money waiting to get out could be very costly. If it's money you're not planning on needing for 10 years then you have time to recover from a major down turn. That said if you can time the getting out to avoid a tremendous loss you then have cash to take advantage of the deals available after the crash and then benefit from the recovery.

Bk Bk says:

This guy is ignorant.

G Germany says:

Time in the market is better than timing the market.
-JL Collins

Warren Buffet is proof of that fact.

Red Pill Renaissance says:

I guess I should have said that he would have lost a majority of his wealth, if that is any better. If the Fed hadn't stepped in and bailed out the economy in 08, stocks would have kept crashing, housing would have kept crashing, and the bond market would have imploded. The asset class that would have gained is gold, and he doesn't believe in gold. I know you're going to say, "how do you know that would have happened?" Well, because that is what was happening until the Fed stepped in. Also, that is what is going to happen in the near future. The fact that Dave thinks it's okay for the Fed and central banks to keep interest rates at 0% for almost ten years, print trillions upon trillions of fiat currency world wide, and call that a recovery is insane. The Fed can't normalize interest rates to even 5% without the economy imploding. That is why they are lowering interest rates back to 0% or NEGATIVE, and beginning QE Quantitative Easing to infinity. Peter Schiff is the man to listen to.

Michael Whitt says:

I would take it out, and dump it into gold and silver.

CONTENDER791 says:

Dave. Why do you think Central Banks around the world are buying huge amounts of Gold ? Is it because the stock market is the best investment? Hahah. Buckle up there’s a big crash ahead

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