Quantower settings. Save, copy, restore & reset

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Being a fully portable application, Quantower maintains all of its data in one folder, that you’ve specified while the installation. You may already know that Quantower can be easily moved to any location in your PC file system and even removable or remote drive and launched from there. This approach allows us to store all your parameters in a special folder, called “Settings”, inside your Quantower directory. Let’s find out what useful things can be done with this folder.

0:00 Portable application
0:38 Settings saving
1:00 Backups manager
1:30 Manual saving
2:06 Settings copy/move
2:26 Restore & reset
2:48 Reset to defaults

Quantower platform provides:
✔ simultaneous connections to different brokers & data providers
✔ Futures, Stocks, Forex, CFDs, Options, Indices, ETFs trading
✔ 10+ chart types and styles – Time charts, Ticks, Kagi, Renko, P&F, Linebreak, Range, Candles, Bars.
✔ Volume Analysis tools – volume profile, cluster chart (Footprint), bar statistics, volume histogram, historical T&S
✔ VWAP and Custom VWAP (anchor VWAP)
✔ TPO Profile Chart (a.k.a. Market Profile) shows the price distribution during the specified time, thus forming a profile
✔ Options Analytics panel for creating & analyzing Options Strategies and risk profiles.
✔ Order Flow Surface panel shows changes of all limit orders in Order Book, their placing, modifying, canceling and execution. It allows you to see the intentions of large traders regarding the future price, high liquidity price levels.
✔ one-click trading via Chart and DOM panels
✔ various order types – Market, Limit, Stop, etc.
✔ panel for simulating of real-time trading on any trading or quote connectors
✔ creating & trading of Spreads and Synthetic Instruments
✔ manual & automative backtesting of trading strategies
✔ creating algorithmic strategies via Quantower Algo
✔ full customization of trading workspaces, panels, templates

► Our official website: https://www.quantower.com/
► Our blog with recent news & updates: https://www.quantower.com/blog
► Our Help documentation or Knowledge Base: https://help.quantower.com/
► Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/QUANTOWER/
► Twitter: https://twitter.com/Quantower_app
► Telegram Support channel: https://t.me/quantower


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