Quit Your Job And Live Off Trading Stocks

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Let’s see how much money it takes to live off trading stocks without a job.
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Using the S&P500 index fund at a 100% return in 5 years, it only takes $120000 invested for a $2000 budget.
To live richer at $5000 a month, it takes an investment of $300000, not impossible with investing.
If you’ve invested in Amazon stocks, it would only take an investment of $85700 to live rich.
Use this information to save up and quit your job to trade stocks full time.

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Smockers says:

How did you start investing?

Zen World says:

Love your videos MONK they are so visual and entertaining to watch.

I LIVE IN LA and run a small business off my youtube. I'm getting into stocks recently as I have over 30,000$ saved up doing nothing but losing value. I can't wait to see where your videos take me. If there is anything I can do for you in return for some mentoring from you I would be open to it.

I hope to remain in contact with you brother. BTW in LA your gonna need a huge amount of income to even live comfortably.

Rob1ertolol says:

Love your videos! Although living in NYC would be tough with these numbers, they can definitely work as another form of passive income.

223554545 says:

we want the muslim way 🙂

Nate O'Brien says:

Very excited to watch this channel grow over the coming months! Stick with it man, stick with it!

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