QUITTING DAY TRADING ( The Dark Side Of Day Trading stocks or forex )

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It’s Ok if you feel like quitting day trading. anybody can make a successful career out of trading but it;s not for everyone. 3 in 1 stock course https://zedmonopoly.com (accelerate your trading)


Zed Monopoly says:

Btw i'm not quitting day trading, If i can do it in 12 months , i'm sure you can too
@ Simplyzedd

Feng Mian says:

If you want profitability and consistency, contact Mr. John Barron i make over $8,500 weekly since i have him handle trades on my behalf.

Jordan R says:

Man, Fuck 2018. I am going full beast mode this year until I see the fucking light. Peace.

Papi Colon says:

Well said Zed, thank you!!

LowerTheVolumeUp says:

I was a Foreign Exchange broker/Analyst for 10 years. Here are my tips;
-Don't trade, it's the hardest thing you will ever do and 95% of you WILL lose over time, this is non arguable. If you still want to trade keep reading.
-Don't expect to be a consistently profitable trader for at least 5 years of commited trading, learning and research.If you want to make a quick buck go to the Casino.
-Don't follow anybodys trading stragegies unless they can provide undeniable, irrefutable evidence of a track record of at least 2 years. 99.99%, of youtube traders and youtube trading "experts" don't make money from trading; they make money from selling you packages on how to use indicators and market "theory", those that actually make money won't give/share you a winning strategy or cheap and certainly not free; and why should they? There's only a small 'edge'in todays market. Believe me they've toiled and gone through the pain and put in the hours to be succesful.
-If your heart is set on trading and you are sure you have what it takes then jump in head first, chances are you'll quit within the next 6 months anyways. Once again, most of you WILL lose over time. My aim is to prevent you from heart ache, head ache and financial loss. Trading is all pyschological; a good strategy doesn't mean anything if you aren't able to control your own pysche. I've worked with smart minds and great business men and woman in their respective fields, and watched all logic melt down when trading. The market will reveal a lot about yourself if you pay attention. Once again, most of you will lose, I've watched the stats in the backend for over 10 years and trust me; most AREN'T the fortanute 5%. My advise if you want to make money? Go start your own business.

Cederick Hudson says:

I made 1 dollar so far and I'm happy as hell lol

Cash Flow Nexus says:

First time running across your channel and this is sound advice I'm going to SUBSCRIBE!!! Mind checking out my channel I'm new.

Adolf Hitler says:

What a depressing video!! I go for broke and then save up more and never quit. Will i make it yes i have seen perfect trades but when they come im always down thousands and need more money. Never quit ever!!

Mike Darnavski says:

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maynard garren says:

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TradingMonkey says:

great video! going through all the emotions and showing it all live! Good info! Not giving up! all the way up!

Andrew Trapman says:

It took me a while to relize trying to make money "looking at the market" did not work for me.I relised I had to Emerse my self and "Become the Market".Its a great feeling being consistant but it comes when you drop the ego and learn.Baby Steps it will come.
Great Video Zed ….1 1/2 years is a great measure 👍👍👍

Veer Zaara says:

My 12 months are starting now in sha Allah ♡

mr lotfy says:

essalamo alaikom dear brother zed, A person must strive to achieve a decent life and not be at the same time a slave to the material. Thank you dear brother for this video and other motivational videos and we still learning to improve our situation and help the others, thank you dear brother and good luck for you brother and all the followers, love you dear brother good night

Tom Norfolk says:

Guys always look outside the realm of zed, he gives you really good basics and you can always crack many eggs to make an omelette.
But he doesn't tell you valuable information like the fact that stocks that have just done a huge correction will probably bounce the opposite direction to the earning report, or the fact that penny stocks or mid price stocks will probably boom pre market then return straight to the mean before taking their dive in the direction of the earnings report.
This is important to know because you can lose a lot of money for no reason.
Understand the market better then zed by looking at more traders then zed, scalp information from multiple sources
Not sure if he doesn't know this stuff or he's purposely

Yzak Garcia says:

Your awesome bro, your content and reflections are so useful

brianf147 says:

i disagree, learning a skill does not take a certain amount of time. some people learn crazy fast and some people learn slow. if you tell people to give up after 1.5 years , they'll quit before they get good. it takes 10000 hours to get good at something. I get what you mean but for the ones that are grinding after 3,4,5 years of learning, I applaud you for not giving up, because most people give up. There is no time limit to success. You could be losing 4 years in a row and on the 5th year have a break through and make it big.

Phil James says:

Zed you are Cat's wassocks. I love your vids compared to those Americans hour long Webinars, who at the end just want to sell you a book for $199. Keep it real Dude.

Romeo Lives says:

Infinite love and gratitude mate! I will meet with you at the BIG table! Let's get it in brother!

Hutch5321 says:

Ha! Spitting = Passion!
Bravo, Zed!

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