[RANT] Stock Trading, Investing, Financial Markets – Stocks and Finance, VIX vs. Bonds

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Let me show the Correct Way to Trade Bond Futures
Jonathan Rose’s rant about the breakdown in correlated stock markets, stock trading and stock investing in the financial markets is covered. The stock market, news shows, and bloomberg say the stock market will crash, but the dollar, forex, and even binary options say otherwise. Jonathan Rose ActiveDayTrader.com


MauiGreenDragonism says:

Yessir JR … just watched the FWA for 04/18 and agree … I am getting aggressive bearish in S&P

comfibold says:

This is just an epic short squeeze. Volatility will return soon enough.

Steve Patterson says:

$NFLX earnings lead the market and the rest of FANG followed. The main problem I see is such heavy overweighted indexes. It's not our fathers market anymore and the tail can wag the dog but I do totally agree with you a recession is looming soon.

Trevis Hornsby says:

You sir are a Beast at this shit!

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