RAW TRUTH: The Markets/Bitcoin/Central Banks/Gold -Lynette Zang Interviews Gerald Celente IN PERSON

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Lynette Zang Interviews Gerald Celente on why he does this work, and how you can protect your future wealth right now. They discuss everything from the US economy, stock markets, central banks, bitcoin, governments, global currencies, gold and silver, precious metals protection, and a lot more. Emotions flair in the first half and there’s a lot of passion between in these two throughout the entire video. If you want to hear the raw truth..this is a must watch!

And if you want to know what to actually DO about all of this, that’s what we specialize in here at ITM Trading. How do you protect your wealth for the next collapse? Yes Gold and Silver, but what types? What strategy? And what long term plan? If you’re asking these questions you’re already ahead of the game. We’d love to assist you as it is our mission to safeguard you from the inevitable downfall of the dollar.

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By ITM Trading’s Lynette Zang

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Jairo Vanegas says:

It would be nice to get a transcript of the missing audio, if possible 🙂

NMD says:

Love you both! What a great combination! This was great!

Rob Bevington says:

Presstatut that is a great word i will be use'n that from now on

destinicoach says:

Block chain is the ultimate One World control of technocrats. It is a bigger nightmare than what we have now.

busymountain says:

These guys are good entertainment when together.

Amanda S says:

This was great!

Long Island Evangelist says:

I’m from Queens. Gerald sounds like a relative!

Tad Monwell says:

Nice creative into

matute11 says:

Wow, this talk was so Sincere and Authentic!! I had Happy Tears well a couple times. I must say I agree this was one of the better interviews I have seen of Gerald, interviewed by Lynette..What a Joy this was..

em ton says:

F*ck so called democracy (mob rules) the usa inc is suppose to be a constitutional republic.

Marc Gratton says:

Thank you Guys you a Hell of a team

Sir Loin says:

Po Lice and Po licy are derivatives of the word Po lition fyi.

Leslie Blackburn says:

Sexy, financial love lube…



Christopher Bussell says:

They will cut the power to the source, no electric no internet. The weakness in the system power systems can be cut in seconds. No power no bit coin?

Jennifer Witte says:

Your right Gerald we need to vote to go to war!

AnotherBoringWeek says:

You two look Great together.

Kelly Hamilton says:

You two would make a great couple…it was very obvious the admiration and respect between you two.

Jimmy Richards says:

For me, the video is corrupt at about 7-8 minutes in and I cannot watch it any further than that.

Pete Sutton says:

great interveiw

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