Ray Dalio Bets $1.5 Billion Dollars That The Stock Market Will Crash📉

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Ray Dalio Bets $1.5 Billion Dollars That The Stock Market Will Crash. Following the largest stock market rally in the last 40 years Ray Dalio is betting that the stock market will crash. A combination of actors have led to a “market” that only trends in one direction. Low corporate taxes, and record low interest rates have translated into the largest corporate buybacks in recorded history. Corporations are borrowing billions of dollars to fund share buybacks to increase their earnings per share numbers. Currently corporations in the S and P 500 are the largest purchasers of stock in the open market by far. Companies are buying back more stock, and pouring more money into the market than any other group of investors by far. The million dollar question is wether or not this is sustainable. Some market participants would argue that this trend is unsustainable and at one point this non stop corporate bid behind the markets will come to an end. At the moment we have not seen any meaningful trade deal between the United States and China even though president Trump continues to argue and push the narrative that we are approaching one. We have the federal reserve who is pouring hundreds of billions of dollars into the market, and we have corporations who are spending hundreds of billions of dollars per year buy back shares in the open market. With the largest hedge fund in the world Bridgewater associates betting on a major market crash/correction is the stock market ready for a pullback?

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Kareem T says:

Lol disheartening. but i still think if anything happens itll be more of a correction then some 2008 crash type deal. Guess its a good time to load up on cash so you can take advantage of a correction. Every day theres some big business guy betting theres gonna be a crash holy, its almost liek they want to manipulate people. i dont buy it. Markets have ups and downs always

Jim Haley says:

From what I read in the Chinese newspaper is that the Chinese are not going to sign a phase 1 trade deal unless Trump is willing to roll back tariffs. I’m not expecting a trade deal this year. This global slow down is definitely starting to affect the US regardless of what Trump says. Anyone listening to the noise coming out of the White House is being played by Trump and his pumping of the stock market. Playing it safe like Bridgewater makes perfect sense💰💰. Holding plenty of dry powder and less equities. I bet there are people in the White House making a killing in the market knowing what Trump is going to tweet next🤥

Franklin Maddox says:

So what happens when they are done buying back their own shares?? That may be what Dalio is considering over all plus he knows well about the massive debt as well as the global slow down. BTW I stopped video at the point of DJT talking as it is what you played on prior video. I just cannot stand listening to that con artist spew out misinformation…..billions and billions and billions and billions and billions….alrighty then

Victor Leong says:

A Wall Street Journal article published earlier Friday is “wrong,” Dalio wrote in a LinkedIn post. “I want to make clear that we don’t have any such net bet that the stock market will fall.”

Dividend Income says:

It’s fake, Ray Dalio said it’s not true

Passive Income Tom says:

He planned the last recession well and sure he is ready for the next one. 👍

F S says:

What are the chances of a crash if corporate buybacks continue in 2020 as forecasted

Gaurav Hegde says:

Josh…looks like ray dalio refuted the wall street report 😂 funny wsj doesnt do a diligent check before posting such statements

imeldo marcos says:

It's pretty obvious the rise of us markets are closely linked to euro negative rates.

Jeff Calhan says:

Great video! Loved the breakdown Dalio is ready for a major correction

Stockmarket Money57 says:

I’m just in the sidelines at the moment. The next major shock to the markets is around the corner and I’ll patiently wait for it.

Jane Dali says:

You'd have to be a real genius to invest into SPY at 18x earnings. Wait for lower.

Sara Willis says:

No way Jose will I be invested into this propped market. Fake trade deal with China, propped up by the fed

Johnny Will says:

I'm ready for anything-we can all acknowledge that stocks have become very expensive-trading at all time highs across the market. I'm looking for dividend names that are on sale

Lydia Santiago - My Investment Journey says:

Billions and billions and billions lol

Ariel R says:

Endless bid behind the markets will slow down this rally is tired

Owlcity 56 says:

Ray Dalio wise man largest money manager in the world knows what's coming

GenExDividendInvestor says:

Super fascinating info. Love that breakdown – hadn't seen that yet. I'd imagine buybacks will continue unless politics come into play…

kelly ryan says:

The stock market goes in only one direction-making it ridiculously overvalued

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