RBS Advises “SELL EVERYTHING” as 2016 “CATACLYSMIC” Year & Stock Market Crash!

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Fears grow of repeat of 2008 financial crash as investors run for cover | Business | The Guardian
Bono, Spacey and DiCaprio: Trudeau chats with celebrities at Davos reception – Politics – CBC News
Last week, an investment analyst at Royal Bank of Scotland advised clients to “sell everything” except the safest high grade bonds after warning of a “cataclysmic” year and the strong likelihood of a stock market crash. His comments came after the British chancellor, George Osborne, warned in a new year speech of a “cocktail of threats” to the UK’s prospects from an increasingly uncertain world economy.


John Barleycorn says:

Zimbabwe here we come.

See Canon says:

So derivatives (debt) are the new investment? It's debt people! You pay off debt not buy it. Didn't this happen in Greece?

bayleybomber says:

oil was profitable at 14 $ a barrel . Inflation is good for the asset class . Cheap oil is GOOD for the slave what a slughter at 120 a barrel. Deflation is good for the ecconomy .

PnaCz 2015 says:

Thnx GPS.

B Sly says:

you guys need to view Adapt2030's channel tobsee the end game. This is getting monotonous when the conclusion is broadcasted already.

Rhino Horns says:

I love how The Guardian says that the world central banks came to the rescue in 2008. If that isn't the definition of an oxymoron!

a1hardwood says:

if oil is 20% of the high price when gas was $5/gal. it should be $1/gal now but its 1.89

usa says:

Thx Dave, for all of your outstanding work of unveiling the truth….

S.A.D.Senior Prepper says:

Will at the end of WORLD WAR lll there will be no more debt because there will be no one left in the world. The surviving upper .001 % will have to get their Elite hands dirty trying to grow food or DIE on a dead earth,

San Tan says:

Yikes! This cannot be good! : Fri Jan 22, 2016 11:01am EST                                          –            U.S. weighs making Hawaii missile test site operational – sources     http://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-missile-defense-hawaii-idUSKCN0V0008

Salwan Aziz says:

all broke people like me really want to see a crash, because we have nothing to lose!

vincentyeo88 says:

Santa Claus is always ahead of the curve and he ain't need no advice from RBS.
last Christmas, he had already pawned his sleigh and sold his reindeer, after giving away all his toys.

Truth Be Told says:

Bring it! "The BIG Short" Part 2 coming soon to a country near you.

john bird says:

All very interesting but you said exactly the same thing 12 months ago , " 2015 Global Economy Repeat of Great Depression . " The only thing that has changed in the patter is the date ! While there is no mention on how low fuel prices will stimulate all economies from more spending on goods and services to the cheaper transportation of those goods and on and on it goes. With Iran about to start adding to the stockpile i think 2016 is going to be rosy unless you are fat or stupid or both.

time 2awaken says:

Good can't wait.

Max Mustermann2 says:

sell RBS first??

Paige Eubanks says:

I read that China is funding Palestine Does everybody everywhere owe China money???????????

Gabe Mesa says:

the word is getting around ,30,000 subscribers congrats David !

King David says:

Here's hoping that you stick around longer than these central banks Dave!

Ed Dicks says:

thanks david.. been watching for a long time now. can you talk about gold and or gold stocks as a way of betting against the up coming dollar collaspe? hui index has retracted back to 2002 levels and gold about 40%… huge potential looking 4 to 6 yrs out

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