Real Estate, Taxes on Gold, CD’s: Q&A with Lynette Zang and Eric Griffin

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And if you want to know what to actually DO about all of this, that’s what we specialize in. How do you protect your wealth for the next collapse? Yes Gold and Silver, but what types? What strategy? And what long term plan? If you’re asking these questions you’re already ahead of the game. We’d love to assist you as it is our mission to safeguard you from the inevitable downfall of the dollar.

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By ITM Trading’s Lynette Zang

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J M says:

"Nobody can tell the future" is a true statement. But, historically speaking, 100% of fiat currencies have failed. That should give anyone a pretty good idea of what to expect in the future.

J M says:

I think that ALL LEVERAGED ASSETS will deflate.

LPCstm69 says:

My 2 cents. Silver will out perform gold because:
Silver is much more accessable for the general population. Gold is out of reach for most Americans and most other populations world wide. Stats show that more then half the American population would have a hard time coming up with $500. That's not even 1/2 an ounce. But that's 25-30 ounces of Silver so silver demand would rise exponetially higher than golds.
Silver is mined at about 9-1 of gold yet it is sold at 80-1. Most amazing is that silver is USED up as fast as we can mine it in electronics, medical heatlh uses, and many other manufacturing processes that make it basically impossible to recycle the silver back so most of the silver is LOST that is mined while gold is melted into bars and stored away in vaults. Very few uses for gold BECAUSE of it's value not so much it's lack of uses.
Silver has a much less stigma attached to it for confiscation. All you hear about is gold confiscation and very little to none about silver.
Because of the world wide wealth gap most of the population will be looking for barterable items over wealth preservation since such a small percentage has any excess/cash wealth to protect. What they have is already wrapped up in their home or a small business.
You mentioned mine confiscation also. Governments would look to gold mines first and it's more likely that silver mined which most are other metals mines where silver is a by-product would remain untouched.
You look at the many websites that sell precious metals and you see bags and bags of "barter silver" or "junk silver" in pre-1965 coins. Very rarely to you see a "barterable" gold. Yes there are 1/10 ounces but the premium on those pieces make it not the best return.
Lastly with the silver/gold ratio at such wide gap when/if the gap closes you can take your silver and exchange it for gold and get more ounces of gold than you would have if you would have just purchased gold. Say the ration goes to 25-1 from 75-1. Your 75 ounces of silver that would have only brought you 1 ounce of gold will now net you 3 ounces.

Love your videos. Found you after the first interview with SGT and the subsequent retailiations from Bix Weir and Jsnip which I immediately unsubbed from them and haven't looked back. Love your research and data presentations.

Destiny tran says:

The guy looked intense

Johnny Logan says:

The entire confiscation was illegal to begin with. Only gold and silver is to be used as legal money as the Constitution states. The feds should have been shut down at that time and everyone arrested.

john Killen says:

when this kicks off…….it will not be a question of how much will it cost the question will be CAN U GET IT????????? think of the johnny carson issue with toilet paper shortage in the70s
the mere mention of a shortage on main stream will panic the public and I promise there was a lot more toilet paper then there is gold coin

Jos Tow says:

You might be doing what the smartest guys in the room are doing,but they are also the most evil guys in the world.I just pay all my debts and not owe anyone and have some gold-silver as back up.

Kevin Clark says:

Tax on PM? I am in Canada. I have converted spare cash to physical PM. There was no SIN number given, they don't even have my full name and address. I enquired about selling years down the road if I needed cash in a new system. The PM dealer said the transaction would be much the same and it was up to me to report capital gains? I will be in no hurry to report gains if not obligated. Just because I kept gold and silver while the government sold their gold why should I share? Any comments? Same rules for Canada and USA? Remember the golden rule; he who owns the gold makes the rules.

Real Truth & Uncovering Lies says:

Gold is cool!

MrUlfang says:

Thank you for the information.

Tim Buck II says:

You both are great! Thanks.

Billjust Bill says:

Opinion NEEDED on Inherited Gold: If you inherited $16,000 worth of gold, which was then priced at time it was probated it was $1,350.00 ozt, if you sold it when it became $10,000 an otz, "Would you have to pay taxes because it is an inherited amount?" In Texas, there is no inheritance tax on small value estates.

Jason says:

This is like listening to a car salesman trying to sell people that cars will increase in value over time. If gold is so valuable how come it has a NEGATIVE return for the year? Don't listen to the gold salesman, they just want your money. The dollar will continue to strengthen and gold is still in a selling bear market, don't be fooled folks.

Kirstin Strand says:

Some of these questions indicate that you get new viewers often…keep up your good work!

Mark Robinson says:

What you are missing in the gold/Silver ratio is the " Consumption " or " uses have grown dramatically. Electronic devices, Solar panels, etc… 50% of all physical silver is used in manufacturing….that's a fact. The Gold/Silver could go to 5/1

troi alecksius says:

Lord, have mercy on Australia.

RichH says:

1. Within the discussion of gold confiscation and taxes due on capital gains … there should also be a present component based in current US Tax code wherein the exponential loss of purchasing value of the fiat currency that you 'hold' should be claimed as a LOSS, and at PAR VALUE of any gain in the value gain in precious metals. Can anyone (with knowledge of tax law) clarify/amplify/comment this?
The argument would be: Essentially, the intrinsic value of tangibles doesnt *change*, only the apparent purchasing value of the fiat currency changes.

2. …. and then there are several US states that have made (reinstated by state law) gold or silver coins to be legal tender within their jurisdiction/boundaries. In this case, I would not believe that capital gains applies to formal 'currency' … as one could then claim a capital LOSS for inflation of fiat currency held, …. and perhaps over the past 7 years of such loss.

Larry Foster says:

The question should be what can the average person afford 1 oz of gold or 1 of silver that is what will go up the most.

AddresseeNot Recognized says:

Gold confiscation is a voluntary agreement just like all government rules, and they use threat of sanctions to motivate obedience. This is the normal way government implement their rules,( they call laws, but are not) using your authority. A person does not have to consent to them, it is legal to not recognize a legal entity, No Contract. A person not in agreement is protected by common law, but not protected when in agreement ; given away by consent.

uuu222bd says:

awesome music opening.

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