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Today’s Crypto News: Bitcoin [BTC] | F2POOL dump | CME Futures

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CryptosRUs says:

⚠️Exclusive Crypto Content

🚨 Bitcoin 101 Class Code YOUTUBE for 10% off

🔴Get the latest CRU/George Merch

💰Voyager App Free $25 BTC Referral Code: GEOD68

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Angelika says:

they roll a few days before futures expiri so may not last till friday?

shesfromcrypton forthetech says:

Look at whale alerts from 11am est yesterday 350 or so btc moved from coinbase over and over

Aaron Peipert says:

I almost took profits, but chose not too, it’s all good, I continue to hodl and we’ll bounce back!

Satoshi James says:

As a good Catholic, be careful of commandment number nine.

Jimmy boi Mazarti says:

I was down over 1500 but made that all back partly due to your f2 pool info made money on the dump and brought the bottom of it 🙌

Joe 3 points says:

Well done George you are legend, invaluable pre market movement indicators ! We are George 😁

Mateja Podlesnik says:

Very honest of you to admit that viewers helped you realize about gemini-canadian etf. Gran personality!…and extremely knowledgeable

Captain Content says:

Savin my ass bro thanks for the good info.

Brian Jackson says:

Bro you saved me some money overnight 👍🏼

kirill Pukhalskiy says:

Just subbed, great video

J K says:

Best Crypto Youtuber

Miracles Of this World says:

Hi can you update when you make another trade so that I could copy your trade.

atsumm says:

You are the man George, you gave all the warnings, thanks a lot!

D Wilson says:

Buy the Dip!!

Ben Newman says:

You are the only one I've seen concerned about this and predicting it. Thanks for the info.

Bill Buyers says:

People need to stop using leverage over 2x. It's just gambling plain and simple.

jaime arguello says:

We all are george

A Mathiasen says:

Hi CryptosRUs. Another great and very important video <3. If you have time, time stamps would make a world of a difference <3

Brent G says:

XRP went up so did CRO

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