REALIST NEWS – Large Trading Company: No longer trading gold – Can’t determine ownership

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Joseph M says:

That is why you always buy Title Insurance very cheap investment that protects the homeowner against all title problems.
It's a one time fee for Title Insurance at purchase, but it must be presented physically by the home owner or they will
not pay off. Keep it in a very safe place.

Joseph M says:

Man you "FART" a lot. To many beans ?

KD Daniels says:

I knew this awhile now. people are going to be in shock when this comes out. very good info better listen.

ChuckHydro says:

Here let me help you, the richest man always owns the Gold, it's a natural conclusion as it should be, Hahahaha. If you can't stand on it and defend it with a gun you do Not own it, sorry you're S.O.L. Paper Gold? Who ever heard of such a thing?! 

DieJungherr says:

You are very correct, and the chain of title must be recorded in the county where the real estate exists. The fact that it is not  is the moment of legal breakdown in the chain. Our system is not protecting us from the banks.  They can't because if they do, the banks will be shown to be bankrupt.  Can you say Enrico Ponzi?  As far as I know, gold as a currency is subject to possession, not recorded chain of title.  In the real estate industry this is known as the statute of frauds. Same with a dollar bill. We are not required to show the chain of title when we give a dollar bill to the grocery store. Chain of title pertains to real estate.

Joseph M says:

How come you don't answer questions ? I have asked 3 with no reply.

felix thecat says:

Joe -how on earth can u drive and talk about chain of title? Im getting vertigo…. Anywho the chain of title is best explained on a southpark episode when one of them kids wants to return a salad shooter to wallmart?  Help me out here people– but yea have your subs check that one out- Also its a toss up on who owns what as you forgot to talk about robo signing multiple times the same title and then comparing that with the fact that most all interbank trades actually sign off on other peoples gold (chain of custody) that actually says -hey this isnt your gold but merely a placeholder that must be signed or no loan and why am I signing out this lump of coal?? Ok wiseguy u want the loan or not??  This is why they got out of the gold trade there is simply no gold never mind other peoples gold with multiple chains Racket says:

i would burn it all down before i let the lying thieving banksters have it back

Nani Girl says:

Hang all bankers.

SailingExodus says:

Russia asking questions??

Sidney Boudro says:

Possession is nine tenths of the law. So just assay the gold you receive then melt it and stamp your number into it. Then store it. 

Jonny Blaze says:

There is one solution where chain of title would no longer be an issue, Bitcoin/Ripple. The banks and Wall Street are looking into it already. Ripple up over 500% in 2 weeks.

Scott H says:

This whole "financial" system would be more sane if run by 6th graders.

JohnnyBGood11 says:

There is plenty of time to get, find, and mine gold &

Silver Money .999 says:

Johnson Matthey is selling off it's precious metal division. I'm not sure what to make of this one. Lower prices for a while longer?

freeyesmaybe says:

not good, but we know something was been up!

Gloria Jean says:

But isn't POSSESSION 90% of the law?  If the actual gold is in my pocket, I am going to say… it belongs to me, paid for it.  Still, by law a person who buys stolen property can have it taken away from them by the "authorities."

geminimc69 says:

Excuse you! Oh, wait that was just your windshield wiper. Sorry

Gary L Varnam says:

Chain of title has been a scam for centuries! Rich powerful people have sized land from the little people! that happen in the 19, 20, and 21 centuries! People have been displaced by this scam! Sometimes entire towns were taken.    

jlk99us says:

This is great news. I can't wait for these people to lose all their Metal!!!  🙂

When you buy Gold (or Silver)…  take delivery.  Peace.

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