REALIST NEWS – Stock Market Crash Coming Soon – Guaranteed

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justme154 says:

You heard about the Arab Spring uprising in October 2010 which was only 2 months before Ken Frum died which was his good info again and I was amazed at the domino effect 6 months later and all the countries that would fall. He also mentioned Syria which hasn't been as easy as the global elites thought it would be but that Saudi Arabia would be the LAST middle eastern country to fall.

That being said, his other Elite source has NOT had good information which makes Lindsey Williams info now obsolete in my mind. To say a stock market and financial crisis is going to happen is no longer amazing information as everyone already knows that is coming eventually due to the fundamentals. It is a global plan no doubt but his other elite source sucks!

Truth Watcher says:

Lindsey Williams is not valid. Mr missionary that says he talks with the "Elites". Sure. He has been wrong throughout the years. He will continue to be wrong.

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