RED WARNING!!! US DOWN…THE GREAT Stock Market Crash November 2018

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Mark Nordgård says:

BULLSHITT!! Stock marked will never crash but gold and silver will crash

Bruce Chapman says:

Lol America is getting fucked up by the most high God and you bitches cannot do anything to combat these loses fuck you racist ass devils.

Amahd Cole says:

Yep it going to happen that why the most important thing to do is to get food

OLD MAN Chiaf says:

Trump master strategy of rightfully deflecting blame on the Fed n the DS will now 100% confirm that the Fed will not dare to hike rates anymore. This means the stock rally or even fake rally will still continue bec of pressure from Trump on the Fed! The party will never stop!

John Jones says:

How about since 1987. The beginning of the political war was started in 1984. Since then the USA has graduated toward a pure socialist economy much like England the last Empire

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