Regarding Martin Shkreli’s Arrest & Answering Tons Of Questions

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Heres my take on Martin’s arrest also save big using and blowout holiday sales


Sun Seeker says:

@timothysykes turns out Mr.Shkrelli did have another trick up his sleeve to spike the stock. Form 4 Filed today afterhours Anthion Partners LLC bought a further 7000 shares at about $23/share on 16th Dec. This would have spiked the stock and brought some volume in it again for sure, had he not been arrested. I guess Shkrelli never saw that one coming. hehe

iUhMazexD says:

WSB lord and savior

Noah Giles says:

Timothy Sykes what do you think about paper trading

seanslimes90 says:

Timothy Sykes, I love you.

Joseph Kajoba says:

hey Tim, are your dvds sold in Africa?

Big Papa says:

Hey Tim love your transparency. I watched some of Shkrelis live streams and he's a strange dude

Brokanglass115 says:

shorted the crap outta this original entry 43.50 out 18s first red day then again in the high 30s and held havnt covered yet

Kris Danielson says:

Just for fun in a paper trading account I shorted $KBIO at 11 and was down 230% at one point now I'm back to even ahah I knew eventually it would come back down but just didn't know when

Andres Martinez says:

tim I have trading tickers and HTMM , which other DVD would you recommend That I get next ?

Fadi Oulad Hsain says:

Tim, I am from Morocco, what can I do to be your student? gimme a lead this time, been commenting for long time with no answer.

Scotch LAD says:


Michael Santa Cruz says:

Hey tim, will my subscription renew at the same price I bought it at?

Sean Then says:

ding dong the witch is dead hahaha. Maybe he'll have to sell his one of a kind Wu album now. dbag. #education

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