Required Homework For You To Become My Next Millionaire

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Go apply at to be my next millionaire student and watch these videos ASAP:


Adem Ozirmak says:

I have watched Tim Grittani's video last night! That was great. Will be going through the other webinars today. Thanks for the upload 😀

Not alot of REAL ones out there these days, and I can definitely see you cut through the bullshit with your assertiveness and strong beliefs! Conviction is solid!

missicandoanythingfancypants says:

Already saw once but I can see myself going back and watching those again. Currently study, in MMP

Christopher Dilan says:

I cannot thank you and your students enough. I am reading several books on trading (some you have recommended) while listening to the audio of your videos and the videos of your students while taking notes on all sources of information. I will learn as much as I possibly can.

Arlene Wynn says:

I've been learning so much everyday from all the free absolutely wonderful material.  I am also on the 4th DVD of How to Make Millions.  I'm loving this, and appreciate this whole heartedly.  Thank you!  Goal to become a millionaire challenge student very soon.

Cameron Coombs says:

Watch Steven and Tim Videos thanks for those.

kahlil knuth says:

Tim, I bought your Audible book, "An American Hedge Fund" for a recent trip from DC to San Diego. It was a great listen and the 5 hours flew by in what felt like an hour. I didn't even use the toilet, it was THAT good. I apprecaite all the information, I've started using some of the techniques!

Kourtney Kraft says:

These interviews have so much amazing information, especially when you watch them multiple times!

Nate Bradshaw says:

good video. i've seen each of the videos you linked at least once, need to go back and watch them all again. still learning as much as i can. but not a trading challenge student (yet)

splashdownmodels says:

Great Video's

Diego Rodriguez says:

I have been enjoying you're interviews Tim, all those guys are such inspirations

christopherjc says:

5:19 lol

TheLouisMotivational says:

Hello Tim, I watch and lesson Steven, Tim and Mark several times at home driving in my car. It's help me tremendously, gave me hope to continue with my education and looking forward to become financial independent. Thank you, for being real!

Idris Alexander says:

I never doubted your legitness from the moment I discovered you about two months ago. I've been studying a lot and and seen all the interviews, your dvds and more. My plan is to save up a bit to get into the trading challenge and start trading for real

Music DailyTM says:

When you apply for the challenge, do you have to pay for anything?

Kareem Richardson says:

Learning ??

jara bynum says:

I'm going to study my ass off even tho I'm stupid or not that smart

Eric Sturdivant says:

I have $500 how can I grow this to get into your program

Mike M says:

The interviews are great. I've stalked you on YouTube for years and I've seen your millionaire students multiply. I'm 2 months into the challenge and took $.80+ a share from $CLNT today…left a lot on the table, but I made a safe solid trade. The challenge chat room was very supportive, and a great place to be every day I'm in the market! Thanks Tim!

tatz win says:

what is the best stock broker. that i can start trading for small amount. ?

Team LsiM says:

I am the 1% actually from video #13 100% of the 10%. Lol

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