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Question 1. Colonel S: Would the U.S. government do its own reset for America and other nations do resets for their countries?
Question 2. Alferes 77: It is inevitable that we are going to have a cashless society, if so what can we do now to be prepared for that?
Question 3. Eddie: what will happen to those bank accounts that have less than $250,000 during a bail-in?
Question 4. 83: Does a mortgage company have the legal ability to reset your fixed mortgage interest rate during hyperinflation? If so what counter strategy can the mortgage holder execute?
Question 5. Joel V: Jim Rogers says to wait until the crash to buy precious metals. He says that as everyone panics and scrambles for dollars that will temporarily strengthen the dollar which will lower metal prices. I’ve looked at the charts and they do line up with that theory. In 2008 there was about a one-month time period where silver was around $10, immediately following the crash. What is your opinion on the matter?

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steve carter says:

Lynette and EricWhy would you pay property tax in a collapse ? That sounds bogus to me guys.

steve carter says:

PAY PROPERTY TAXES ? Are you kidding ?

Barry Calvert says:

These QUESTIONS are becoming mundane and I think they need to be in Print. Thus, not the same ole Chit Chat….There are new people coming on the site all the time, thus, they need a link to Q&A for a read and PDF Print.
Then we can get into the Political side a little more, why, how, what continues to be the PROBLEMS with this society and the money GRAB that has continue since 1984.


is truth that Jims rogers said that several times that he will wait until the gold has a very low price and then buy.. i disagree with him

Jason Fonnet says:

Rodgers has a lot of gold. He is waiting to buy much more at 1000$.

JeffreyViews says:

C'mon Meghan, don't be shy.

High Way says:

In 1930 gold was illegal to hold ?

High Way says:

How you can liquid gold in crisis that all investors will have a limit access to their account ?

Hotsiam says:

the worlds not ending, crash or no crash the world will carry on. Please don't listen to this gold-bug fool, and try and live a fulfilling life without this daily doomsday nonsense.

john shoultz says:

is silver a better buy than gold right now ?

Daniel OBrein says:

who is going to buy it

Mardy Willy says:

Lost much in trading even tried trading IQ but didn't work thank god I got to meet Mr Henrik Raymond who showed me the true value of trading and profit making

Jeff Greene says:

When it comes to holding gold and using it to pay off your mortgage during or after a reset, it's a great idea, one that I myself thought of a long time ago but what concerns me is that governments will act in their own interests, as they always do and that they will more than likely tax away most of the gains that I would achieve in the reset and would not allow me, therefore, to use those gains to pay said mortgage.

John Fenman says:

It is simply not as trivial as suggested to sell gold and silver at certain times. During volatile up times, many dealers close their windows or just sell their own metals. Your ability to turn your metals into the kind of paper that is liquid (1 day sale) and affects market prices until it sells is not guaranteed. Always plan how you will sell ahead of time. If you hold it in your hands, maybe you can turn your unknown into gold with a paid assay that could take 30 days or more. Your not going to get the price at the start of that assay time for your unknown metal. You know it’s gold, the market does not. You are also not going to be playing in the same markets as folks with higher volumes of metal to sell. Not all gold is created equal. Many would buy a tv from Best Buy long before they would buy your tv that you say you bought a week ago at Best Buy.

John Boscogolvitch says:

Fiat money I call currency. Gold is money. All else is credit.

John Boscogolvitch says:

Lynette. Do you ever get discouraged? Waiting 45 years now and the NWO and deep state just keep humming along. Is is possible that the information we are accessing is wrong? Are we not surviving on Hopium? Is it possible we have been tricked yet again?

John Boscogolvitch says:

Spot on. I always ask for price and availability. I asked a grocer once, "How come your bananas are $1 when they are only $.50 across the street?" "Why don't you buy them there?" he asked me. "Because they are sold out," I responded. He said, "When I'm sold out, my price is $.50 also."

Dreg says:

relax, nothing bad will happen until the stock market drops in earnest….not there yet. The stock market is the LEADING FORECASTER of the economy as a whole, individual opinions are generally not that accurate.

bob amelmahay says:


mrsdhc07 says:

Just a quick question. How much gold & silver do you think is a good size stash to have? I know the more the better but how much would be a good starting number (in oz) to have on hand at any given time? And you always say to have both but which would you recommend to have more of? Im only asking because i signed up to get your guide in the emails from your website but never recieved anything.

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