Restricted vs Unrestricted Stocks: What's The Difference?

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As a trader, you need to understand the difference between restricted and unrestricted shares. It’s not necessarily fun information, but it’s essential. I’ll explain the difference and why it matters to you…

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This probably won’t be the most exciting topic, but it’s crucial that you understand it … Today we’re talking about restricted versus unrestricted stocks.

So what’s the difference between these types of shares?

Restricted shares are shares owned by insiders — big investors or corporate management. They have different time frames so they aren’t easily sold. Some are restricted from being sold anywhere from one to three years.

A lot of management, insiders, and promoters will buy restricted stocks to sell when the shares become unrestricted. When they try to pump or hype the stock, it doesn’t necessarily matter how much the stock goes up. They just need to hype it at the right time so they can actually sell their shares.

And once the restricted shares become unrestricted, you often see pumps. That’s where the stock spikes for a few days … and then it plummets.

So why does this happen? Companies or insiders fabricate news to lure traders into buying the now unrestricted shares before they become restricted again. They want to push up the value of the unrestricted shares as much as possible, then sell. That’s how they profit.

That’s the game in a nutshell. See why you need to understand the difference between restricted and unrestricted shares?

Once you understand how the game works, you can ride the hype … But you gotta be smart about it. Sometimes, you can also play the opposite side and short sell the stock when those shares are unrestricted and sold.

Because these investors want to sell these shares most smart traders want to short. Because usually once restricted shares become unrestricted, the stock often crashes. But be careful — sometimes there are no shares to short. Never force a trade.

What’s your opinion on pump and dumps? Do you trade them or stay away? Leave a comment if you’ve traded them before!

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Timothy Sykes says:

What’s your opinion on pump and dumps?

Sirop says:

So it hunk I have enough of an understanding to kidna start with the paper money but where do you find stocks and what watcist setting thingy do you use and also where do you find the news for the stocks that pump them up or decrease their value

Braeden Fleming says:

Is this what happened with “Beyond Meat”?

Артем Заянчковский says:

Thanks for this video, and especially for all stuff that you are doing for us!

Anton Deta says:

Sound like Having a big #2

Richard Arce Ortiz says:

you could not do the lesson with your eyes closed ?

Anton Wilson says:

Awesome video Tim! Thank you once again, very simple and easy to understand ????

MrGvozdi says:

but how can we know in advance when these shares will become unrestricted?

Eric Thomas says:

Thanks Tim Thanks

alex mazal- nirexpress123 says:

Dont over play whith maner…

Glen Whiteheart says:

Nice vid. Where do you follow the chatter on pumping before they do the dumping ?

Kane ODriscoll says:

I don’t mind buying into a pump & dump for a 10-20% return… in and out… I haven’t tried the short sell yet but I’m fine just going long ??

JJ Malvarez says:

LMAO!!!! Awesome Lesson Master Sykes…Definitely an important insight…

Tai Weleilakeba says:

Thank you sir

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