REVEALED! Detailing My Hottest Student’s $40,000+ Trading Penny Stocks | Learn How to Trade Stocks

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My student has been on fire in 2017, growing his $4,000 starting stake to over $400,000 now in less than a year, pocketing a cool $40,000+ on this one trade in just a few days so pay attention and get in my chatroom to see his commentary/trades posted in realtime

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1:03 I’ve never had too much success with swing trading, but on this one, I had a very specific plan for my trade. It’s been a very successful swing trade
2:21 Starting with the catalyst of all of this. The news was a good catalyst for this stock trade
3:40 The news story about Ford and Ekso partnering up to avoid injury for their workers
4:30 They are partnering up in the future, so it’s a long-term catalyst
4:50 Small company partnered up with a big company like Ford, and if they do have a deal with Ford, then it’s “big time” news.
5:22 Anytime you see a dollar stock partnered up with a big company, then it’s important to pay close attention
6:06 Showing you day 1 of when the news was released, taking a sizeable swing position thinking that the news would circulate that weekend
7:53 This is when the stocks start to perk up
9:28 I screenshot my trades throughout the day
9:47 Whenever I get a good move and something that I’m anticipating, I sell into strength
11:22 You want to get in on the pre-market break, which can work sometimes.
11:32 I want to buy in the dips, and not just any sort of dip, but something along some sort of “trend line” for the stocks
12:30 I try to find bottoms and simply buy there, as opposed to chasing the stock
13:30 Showing another dip trade
13:40 How I made $1,700 from a single dip buy trade
14:45 One of my favorite patterns is dip buying morning panic. This is another reason I don’t use stop losses
17:03 This put the stock under SSR for the day, which helped my cause
18:24 You always want to be buying dips, you don’t want to be buying strength. I buy weakness when the charts go down.
18:52 As long as the stock’s in an uptrend, you’re good to go!
19:30 How I made $80,000 a couple week’s ago playing the shippers and some Chinese stocks


VEL LZ says:

Which trading platform is he using?

Jesus Eduardo Chavez says:

Thanks Roland.

rabind mariano says:

I can never get sick of learning from this video.

Labarron Kennedy says:

Thanks Roland.

Hugo Morales says:

Guys, if I don´t have 5K I won´t be able to be Tims student? Is this real? Please answer, as I do not have 5k to pay him to teach me but really want him to

Katherine Crawford says:

Thanks Roland! I was really impressed with the Steady Trade Pod cast and left a message saying I would love to see you go through a chart as I wasn't quite sure about where you looked for the consolidation. This was very helpful. I would also like to understand more about overnight trading as I have full work days and an hour for lunch.

King Cesar says:

what do you think of owcp? i think it is going to run again soon. any thoughts?

Foto Guy says:

Roland this makes "Perfect" sense Thank You Very much for Sharing your reasons behind your moves.

Nicholas Law says:

Nice, so much nuggets in this video. Thanks Tim and Wolf. Keep it up. really learning alot.

man well says:

this guy knows what he's doing! thank you guys for sharing this for free!

Stockafella says:

Beautiful congrats!!!

TheSunnyD says:

Were you not afraid that they might do a financing overnight? I had this on my radar as a potential swing trade but I was afraid they might do a financing at this price

Daniel Sckarin says:

Hi Tim! Have you ever try automate your algorithm by using trading robots?
I'm usual guy, russian algotrader. May I help you improve your bussines?

escLaVida says:

I like Roland's way of breaking down the trade.Tim, do you have the link to that podcast he said he was in?



Mt Roamer says:

Great job man!

Daniel Emerson says:

Thank you Timothy. Hope to some day shake your hand.

Douglas Pereira says:

Hey Roland! Keep the videos coming….. Nice Job!

David Gordon says:

Congrats on EKSO and ty for the video!!! Inspirational! I am a new Challenge student looking forward to the next year with you guys. 6:18am west coast and I've been studying for a few hours. I heard you study a little bit 😉

Chad Mitchell says:

What are the green and red triangles on your chart? Also, what is your avg monthly profit after commissions?

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