Reversal Patterns Starting To Appear

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There are some reversal patterns starting to appear in the markets. Tomorrow is ‘quad witching’ so we may see some extra back and forth movement throughout the day.

In tonight’s video I cover MCD, DRI, CAKE, EXPE, RCL, SMH, IYT, CAT, DE, RTN, HD and more.

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Jess Yates says:

Is it the fear mongering of the media over a flu virus or is it the unraveling of hedge funds who are over leveraged with borrowed money. A pandemic is a real thing, borrowing money to inflate the price of stocks in the market is not true reflection of a worth or a company. The sad thing is we saw it in 2008 with housing and did nothing to correct the corruption just to play the same game in the stock market as we watched the market quadruple in 10 years. How real is that?

Georges Charles says:

The problem is the virus doesn’t care about technicals

vp pat says:

Thank you so much for making this videos..keep making them 🙂

Patrick Dowd says:

Thanks for the vid as always! The more you can talk about option pricing the better

Finance & Economics says:

The economic consequences of the panic are real!

Abby Pabby says:

A video about implied volatility and the LEAPS would be awesome !

Nick L says:

Would live to learn about leeps

The Mean Conservative says:

Since no one seems to know the fundamentals right now an everyone is shifting their focus to technicals, do you think traditional technical signals will be more or less indicative of market moves? in other words, do technicals hold more or less weight these days?

Dan North Tampa says:

We are already in a recession buddy…it started late last year. The depression is just getting started.
Take. Look at Italy its getting of control.
What if that comes here?
Stick to your charting.
My target is filling the gap to 666. :)))

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