Reviewing Friday And The Top 2 Stocks For Monday

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Congratulations to so many students who are learning and profiting nicely, it’s been a busier August than anyone expected, we just continue taking it one trade a time, trying to do our best and learning from EVERY trade, win or lose


nero jun says:

whats the story with a your new live video? it will be only for the pay-subscribers?

Donne Sids says:

Shalom Tim, thank you so much for your time!

DayShadowPON3Y says:

I was watching that whole run up the day XCOM exploded. Pretty insane it ran up 220% within a few hours yet i couldn't find any news that would have served as a catalyst for such a reaction. I found an article stating that the company had lost a major manufacturing contract with another company so its insanity seeing that kind of rise on such terrible news.


The more that I learn; the more excited that I get. I love Penny Stocks.

ROBIN R says:

Thank you so much.  Have a great weekend.  I also can't wait for the dvd. :-)

Laura Avila says:

Thank you for the new video! I love your honesty and the fact you truly want people to be successful. I'm studying everyday and I know if I do that I will do well trading when I start! Thank you for the countless free information you release and for the CDS you sell. life changing material. Have a nice weekend! 💗💜

Yark says:

Hey Tim, so when do you trade stocks without news based catalysts? Is it only if the price action is really extreme like in EGLE's case?

YTNlDL2f94 says:

Hey man! Love you vids! Just wondering if your program works for Australians?

NeverFail Gaming says:

what signs do you look for to not try and get short squeezed on stocks like $EGLE

Shawn Michael-Reaaltor Claros says:

Tim email me pls

Alastair Cathcart says:

Fuck my life this shit is bullshit… you wana trade!? Go read the turtle traders book and realise that a trading edge isn't something that you share with thousands of people for a few hundred dollars a month subscription fee but something that you find through trial and error and guard with your life

Adam Marczyk says:

Tim please try to stop saying "you know" every other word , just saying it's so annoying, but anyway cheers !

Andrew Keisling says:

I think you're right on EGLE. I'm anticipating another spike on Monday.

Rony says:

Tim I Bought EGLE 10.30 ish around support and i sold it at al the way at 12.32 when i missed the first big run up.

Nick W says:

Tried shorting NYMX on Thursday and Friday but Thinkorswim had no shares! I'm switching over to eTrade and if I still can never find shares to borrow its suretrader or interactive brokers next. I will not stop!!!

Dustin Hart says:

Nothing about ADMP? I'm surprised!

Ato “Ah - Toe” says:

Hello Tim, I have been following you for a while and have been picking up some basics about how everything works for even a longer amount of time. I think I am ready to put in the work man, I would really appreciate if you could tell me how to get started. Thanks a lot for everything you're doing!

Andy C7/SRT says:

Tim what broker do you use?

Robert Bishop says:

What course do I need to do to take the same trades as the guys who left twitter feedback? Is it your penny stocks system? Thanks

Jo Elite says:

do I have to be 18 mr. skyes?

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