Reviewing How My Top Trading Challenge Student Grew $1,500 To $4+ Million

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Tim Grittani is my top student and now teacher too, see 40 lessons from his success at and get inspired to study your butt off by his amazing journey and accomplishements over the past few years


Sean Price says:

He reminds me of Topher Grace

Мария Максимова says:

Such interviews are the best inspiration. Thanks for sharing this!

Steven James says:

Great open and honest insight….It's not all about the money, it's about learning and figuring out who you are as a trader….

Mike Pokrovsky says:

Wow, what a fake! Dude, that "student" was so uncomfortable playing along, it was painful! But A for the effort! 🙂

J Doug says:

do you have to have multiple accounts to trade?

Alexandra Stratan says:

love your transparency, not a minute wasted, point on and relevant info—… and ty so much for sharing Trader Cklist :), in part 2 and already fully internalizing the value of your teachings, worth every penny, 100 freshly squeezed juice, none of that watered down fluff, genuine-hats off and nothing but respect

Vuong Hoang says:

He look better.

rafael alejandro bravo cadena says:

Tim do you have like a course or somethting like that? I already have my strategy that actually works.. I want to see what you do I've never traded penny stocks

Muhhumad Akmad Abbas Makmoud Abdula Jabbar says:

Is that 4 million including Tax

shakti gurung says:

…Timothy sykes… hi ?I m frm Hong Kong ??…I really need some help ?????? I m planning to open an account for trading But I so confused ? which brokerage company should I join….can you plz tell me which is legit brokerage companies where I can put my hard work money for trading…plz

David Peterson says:

fucking gold i say

Rusky357 Russian357 says:

Dinosaur 101, lmao ?

Tom Kobelev says:

Awesome Interview!, and LOL at Tim: "I own i havent done anything with it yet"

SpartaTek9 says:

This interview was Legendary.. learned a lot about the psychology of trading. Thx a million guys…1Love!

b.cage says:

I'm confused?? Don't you have to have like 20,000k to minimum to trade stocks?
Sorry, i'm a completely new to trading.

Thomas Gordon says:

I am a fan of Sykes, but please let Grittani talk. Dont maul the converation.

Bert Santini says:

love this video , I read a book called trading in the zone witch is pretty much the psychology of trading, and this says exactly what the book said which is fucking dope! im flad they correlate because penny stocks info is a little diff from futures an options but the psychology of it is the same. thanks for the video very insiteful

Charles Baxter says:

Awesome Interviews by Tim G and Ducks, $LAKE 390k was a Bitch.

Gerardo B says:


Charles Baxter says:

Great Interview Guys, I didn't think you could get close to Mr. Ducks but you did it again. Amazing Stuff!

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