Reviewing My Weekend Play

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CBD stocks are the hottest sector right now, watch my to see how to play a hot sector, I don’t like chasing the leaders so instead I look for lower priced plays that have big upside potential, but haven’t spiked much yet…PURA fits the bill and I’ve already taken profits on 1/2 my position for roughly 30% gains so it’s a GREAT lesson on waiting for the right setup even if you miss some earlier plays like I did on NBEV/IGC

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Trend ZONE says:

Sector, was the key word.

Eva neaky Green says:

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Mykolas Liaskauskas says:

Great video! Learning from the free resources for now. Newbie question – how do I get on the watch list? Thanks!

Greg Hutchinson says:

Don't Thanks Him Hey Tim you owe me $297 for a BAD PRODUCT REFUND ME

Helpful Villagers says:

thank you Tim.. appreciate every lesson you make.

R. Trade says:

Do you buy these stocks off a HOD scanner like trade ideas which a lot of traders use. If not can you share How do you find these stocks

TravStreet says:

Forgot to comment….. your the man for another one of these videos thank you!!

Darien Ruffin says:

It's actually beautiful. Taking a week off and just watching.

Stock Trader Jack says:

Awesome vid, Tim, enjoying the run on CBD stocks

pehord phord says:

timothy forex

Serge Mal says:

Nice one Tim. How can you tell when they’re in the right sector? Cheers

NICK LEE says:

non of these stocks are on robinhood

artsthief says:

Which website is it the one Tim used for PURA with had chart in it & news?

777dingo says:

Where can I view your watchlist? do I have to subscribe?

Barry Schultz says:

Tim looking at RMHB for cbd infused drink play for Monday! They do a weekly podcast and dropped one Friday at 8pm on YouTube I believe they are in store for some big catalysts here soon!

heng heap says:

I love your watchlist. I made couple thousand for last week.

luckyMcCormick says:

Can i get a link to your watchlist

bconklejr says:

Thank you very much. Have a good work out.


tim do you think the jp morgan chase youinvest brokerage is a good platform for penny stock trading?

Aden Thompson says:

Thanks dude. In the beginning stages but you thought me something today. LOOK AT YOUR WATCH LIST.

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