Reviewing The Best Penny Stocks Now

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It’s a busy, busy time in the penny stock market now, be sure to get in my chatroom and stay updated, congrats to so many students who are killing it!


SmarTrader says:

Thanks for the Shoutout!! STT is amazing and HIGH OF THE DAY scanner gets you in plays before others.

Karim Almordaah says:

Tim, nice vid, I'd like to know how did you guys know LINU and ITEK were going to spike? Thanks


Came accross your previous video. Even though i have been trading for a while, Friday morning spikes is something i had totally forgotten and after thay video I'm a even better trader. Great work man. Many blessings.

Jackson Schrenk says:

Great lesson! Thanks Tim

Wiz Sauce says:

Tim how do you know about future PRs and Earnings reports dates for these stocks

CREAM TV says:

Bitcoin is where it's at right now.

Pritpal Singh says:

i caught LINU, So my question is How do you find stocks that are going high or the news just got released for a company? I know you said, you find highest gainer of the day for shorts but how to find stocks that will go high or going high at the moment?

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