Reviewing The Best Penny Stocks To Short Now

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What a great few days for my students shorting GLBS, DRYS and now HTBX…I’m still catching up on emails so we’re extending this 35-70% off sale at until December 5th


Adrian Mariscal says:

Tim Sykes, So the main video lesson you recommend watching is how to make millions ? I have experience with the stock market though ?

Edgar Camacho says:

Thanks for the video Tim! ?? & welcome back to the WEST ?

Richkong16 says:

Lost like 60$ on htbx rip

Ein Tanzella says:

Hey Tim, well first off thank you for everything my man!! But I got a question; I'm new to penny stocks with very little knowledge, and I want to buy one of your video lessons. But I don't know which one I should start with… so which one would you recommend that I buy first??

Kevin Reinstein says:

Timothy Sykes I appreciate you helping out so much, I have been trading for many months and absorb as much material as possible, unfortunately I cannot afford to buy your material right now but I think it is great that you give away so much for free. You seem like a genuinely good guy in a sea of scammers trying to bait novice traders with MLM schemes, so thank you.

Roaster says:

Can I please fucking get a answer and tell me who to go for learning to be a trader I read books about penny stock watch videos but I'm just too lost because that isn't enough I'm more hungry

jrod123 says:

where can i see the live webinar tomorrow what time is it free

Neyaz Saberi says:

How do I find the chat room?

Margarita Venturoni says:

So, how to detect penny stocks that are about to spike?

Dino Mars says:

Just curious Sir how to become one of your students?! thanks

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