Reviewing The Best Stock Trades Of November 2017 | #1 Stock Trading Tip? Learn From the Past!!

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I couldn’t be prouder of so many top students as people like made over $500,000 for the month which is just awesome considering he had $1,500 to his name 6-7 years ago and made over $100,000 on the month despite beginning 2017 with just $4,000

0:32 – There have been a ton of supernova stocks in November
1:22 I’m showing you how a few of my top students are profiting from super smart stock trading this month
2:50 Even if you take a small chunk of your move, then you can be happy with it. It’s such a volatile time right now that I’m happy with even small wins.
3:40 You will see a champagne fight when I’m on TV !
5:40 I made roughly 10K on the month, not my best month at all for stock trading. It’s one of my worst months because I’m traveling throughout Asia.
9:00 Every single one of my good stock trades this month were dip buys
14:22 You need to know the difference between hourly paid jobs where no matter how hard you work, you get paid the same hourly wage. You can do make millions, however, if you study stocks hard enough and put the time in.
21:28 Always respect the stock market, be humble about your trades. Be scared, it doesn’t matter how much success you’ve had in the past, if you get too cocky, the market will humble you
23:41 It’s up to you to respect the rule: cut losses quickly. For whatever reason, so many students miss this. Be disciplined!
27:40 We cannot go back in time to study the stock market, but we can learn from the past.


Randy Myers says:

I will trade volatile stocks.


I will trade vilotile stocks.

이중훈 says:

Hey Tim. I have been watching your video for about a year now. Could these stretagies work on foreign countries? Thanks great video btw

Christoph Wagner says:

I will trade volatile stocks!

2K Doctor says:

I will trade volatile stocks.


i will trade volatile stocks ! be sure I stay hard every day and have definitely no days off 🙂

Ramon Veltmeijer says:

I did the exact same trade as Roland on CERC without knowing he did it too. I guess it's a sign i'm on the right track 🙂

WatchDogs1991 says:

i will trade volite stocks

Uriel Razovsky says:

I will trade valitile stocks!

TheAnigai says:

I will trade volatile stocks.

vtz7 says:

I will trade volatile stocks!

dewayne johnson says:

I will trade volatile stocks.

Jordan Bawab says:

Congrats on 200000 subscribers 🤟😀

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