Reviewing The Hottest 3 Stocks In The Market Now

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I’m SO excited for my event November 7th, trading live with me all day long will help you be able to spot hot stocks like TRTC, MJNA and BTUUQ all on your own too!


tylerrat44 says:

and btw you said if we signed up today in my email we would get into it for 200$ but the lowest offer ive seen was 300$

tylerrat44 says:

Dude timothy check out the synergy company on google. and purchase their synergy blend. seriously everytime i start to get sick or start feeling a headache, i make a smoothie with stuff and i fee better within hours. i swear ur always getting sick ahaha.

Rene Mauricio Bermudez says:

My gosh Tim, you were right. The price per share closed on 10/26/2016 @$7.40, but how did you know it would come down the next day??

ProRockJK says:

You're about to change my life, today I made 5 bucks with BAS this morning with only 20 dollars in less than 2 minutes, with that I got super exit excited because I saw that is possible

So now I'm going all in my goal is my a house to my mother
And after that I will make millions hopefully

Well not only with stocks but real state


I appreciate you going to two accounts because schools need to be built in ISRAEL!

smoke weed be active tv says:

make money from home click my page and sign up know

jrod123 says:

i made my first trade today technically made 35 cents a share on groupon inc stock held on to it for a week i saw a little pattern and just knew it would go up on monday very small trade but a successful one wish i knew a litle more on the stock market

John B says:

Pinx are going bonkers again …

Roger Cobbs says:

I'm relearning but changing mentality due to success like you timothy have proven I always thought long term but this is much better I work 72 hours a week no days off self employeed janitor I do well on my contracts but have no play time so I'm in this game

jaime santos says:

does anyone know what platform this is?

Reginald Brown says:

fdbl and gllk are going to be the next penny stock hits in the market

shalvin prakash says:

I can't wait to see you trade with a million Tim, that is my goal one day to have a million in my trading account. It's gonna be exciting, can't wait!

Gladis Gutierrez says:

thanks for sharing this video ??


Cut lost asap be discipline

TheSlot1942 says:

Interesting points but if you are trading with a small account, wouldn't that necessitate doing very small trades… scalping as it were? If I recall correctly, some of your writings expressly warns against scalp trading. Sure, you can make a small profit doing such but one bad trade and even those modest gains are gone! SO, how are you going to protect a small account yet not be a miser and nickel and dime yourself to death?

kitty devine says:

Tim what trading platform do you recommend. Im starting with 100 pounds and will be following you from next week. I plan to use stockstotrade, but what broker platform should I use??

austin sanders says:

great video lesson. price action on $BTUUQ is a perfect tim gritanni type play from "trading tickers"

Carlos Franco says:

lessons lessons lessons, i had and saw the opportunity to trade today but i didnt pull the trigger because i have a small account and didnt want to risk it, learned that i should be patient and be confident in certain setups. I was right to have placed a trade on 3 different stocks today and profit, but i didnt, it has given me more confidence though which was needed

Derick Graft says:

thanks for your willingness to share your insightfulness and your passion to help the little man not forgetting where you came from ??????

Evan Lammers says:

Hey Tim. I've been studying the markets from watching your videos and extra research for just over a week now, and I just signed up for your challenge today. I can't wait to actually start to trade whenever I feel confident enough to, and you are truly an inspiration. Keep the videos coming haha

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