Reviewing The Hottest Penny Stock Now

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I want to talk about this play, AWX. I took a screenshot premarket when it was in the 30s. This is, frankly, why I love penny stocks. I know there’s a lotta hate out there, penny stocks this, penny stocks that. This kinda pattern, this is a supernova, if you’ve seen any of my DVDs. This pattern happens again and again and again and again. And you don’t know which ones are truly going to go full-on supernova, three to 30. DRYS went from five to 120. But it does happen every now and then.

If you look at a daily chart, now it looks pretty amazing, where it’s gone up five days in a row, but this was a failed one day, this was failed one day, this was a failed one day. So, it was kind of training short sellers to short on the second day because it always failed there. And this time it’s squeeze.

Here we are on the fifth day, and if you were short, some shorts just don’t give in. They’re not very smart, they’re not very flexible, so they just keep shorting more and more and more, and this is how you implode as a short seller. It boggles my mind how a lotta people ignore rule number one for me, which is cut losses quickly.

I’m a short seller, or I was a short seller primarily, but I’ve always been a cowardly short seller, OK? I respect the power of what these penny stocks can do. I don’t care if they’re scams. I don’t care if they’re worthless. These stocks can go higher and faster than you think. And the run-up can last longer than you think. And now, it looks like maybe it’s coming down from the 30s down to 13, but there have been stocks that have gone to 30, 40, 50, 70, a hundred.*

I’m not in this to have some kinda perfect score. Some of you guys think like it matters, like, oh, I’m winning 96% of the time, but your wins are bad, and maybe you’re scalping to keep up your win streak for no reason. For me, it’s about how can you grow a small account the best, most responsible way possible. So, some people have a 10% winning ratio. But if you lose a dollar, a dollar, a dollar, two dollars, five dollars, over and over again, 90% of the time, and then when you win 10% of the time, and you win $5,000, you will be profitable overall.*

Fridays can lead to big short squeezes. Monday mornings, as you can see, can lead to big gap-ups. So, you can never be sure about shorting a stock, and you can never say, oh, this is definitely the top. If you are going to be a short seller, bless you, I wish you luck. Just be very careful because a lotta the people that you look up to in the short-selling game are not fully transparent, and they will lead you down a path of ruin.

You can take any trade you want as long as you follow rule number one, and you cut losses quickly when you’re wrong. If you break that rule, good luck because anything can happen. This is a battlefield, and you’re throwing away the number one weapon that I give you, which is cut losses quickly. You’ll protect yourself. Anyways, leave a comment underneath this video. Let’s see what you think about my $83 loss. And also click the link just below, last chance to save big on my annual conference. See you guys soon, see you in the chat room, too.*

* Results may not be typical and may vary from person to person. Making money trading stocks takes time, dedication, and hard work. There are inherent risks involved with investing in the stock market, including the loss of your investment. Past performance in the market is not indicative of future results. Any investment is at your own risk. See Terms of Service here:


Ear Chirper says:

So when it goes up, that's a bad thing? How does that work?

Angelique Noher says:

Great lesson and reinforcing to cut loses quickly.

Paulo Rego says:

coward traders FTW!

Helpful Villagers says:

Thank you for being transparent.. thank you for being real.. thank you for reinforcing the lesson of cutting losses quickly..

Frank Danna says:

Thanks Tim, many times your commentary is the most sane of any of the others I listen to. #Protect #CutLossesQuickly

Henry Craig says:

Knowledge facilitates growth

Kiara Farrell says:

I actually caught awx when it was still in the 5 dollar range and road it. I got out at 11, didn’t expect it to go so high

Diego Moore says:

Thanks for the vids👍😄

Deontia Andrews says:

Great video tim…

Ron Carnel says:

Well I love short selling but last friday I didn't get a re-bounce (lower high fake break out) so I didn't get a trade 🙂 that was fucking hot … nice vid

Ario T.W says:

Really agree with Tim Sykes, all it takes is just one single fatal trade to blow your account. I also prefer cutting losses quickly, in order to protect my capital.

Henry Craig says:

Knowledge supports growth.

Jerrod Tham says:

First of all.. Why would you short on something with just 2.6m float? Why would you hold and hoping overnight or overweekend on something 2.6m float? Your strategy better Timothy sykes with in and out in the same day. Be safe first. Profit second. Don't be sad if you missed potential profits.

Labarron Kennedy says:

That’s a lot of money. 😂😂 Great Video Tim.

Storm says:

in the moment…

Mark N says:

Lmao @2 min

PNDA TV says:

no borrow no cry! the. sort interest was. so high since Friday and. whats fucking manipulation by sure trader its an art

Brahimidea says:

I like : again and again and again…, motivating

Bandman Trading says:

Morning panic dip buys on multi day runners such as CRMD is what I will be looking for tomorrow as well as cup and handle attempted break outs to where if it doesn't break out I still lock in a 10% profit which I talk about on my channel.

bridgettedenise says:

I didn't get a chance to buy. I need to always make sure I am liquid at the end of the month and the beginning of the month.

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